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Two fascinating articles on the Afghanistan war today. I think Simon Jenkins has rather a good point. (Below)  The Times is covering the ‘Lions led by Donkeys’ theme.  I seem to recall, from my old history lessons,  that Alan Clark… he of The Diaries… wrote a book called The Donkeys.  (A good book… even if vilified by relations of Earl Haig and Michael Howard (Really?) as were his excellent diaries)

The Times coverage was interesting and thought provoking.  I have no idea, of course, if they are right…. who does?  I’m sure some out there know the true position or enough to give an objective view?  I can’t give you a link of course… because they are going behind a paywall.

My once-in-a-generation cut? The armed forces. All of them

Simon Jenkins in The Guardian: We are safer than at any time since the Norman conquest. Yet £45bn is spent defending Britain against fantasy enemies.

I really enjoyed reading this article.  It is not often I say that about serious newspaper coverage.

PS… do you like my new tache?  It is getting more absurd by the day. That is all.

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F**kART: F**k Nose?

F**K Nose?
Green nose, and playing card cut into a ? mark shape.

I appear to be having a *Nose* period… and to complement my recent Who Nose?... here is another…. more subtle… a sense of scale being provided by a pint glass nicked from a pub, possibly, and a bottle of orange squash – empty.  The 1960s retro kitchen tiles provide an element of kitsch… but they aren’t mine… sadly.  The King of Clubs playing card (cut into the shape of a ? mark)  – from the 1960s –  was a deliberate choice… but I won’t say why.

I’d like to be able to say that amusement at recent Coalition government pronouncements on Justice  prompted the thought ‘Who knows?”and inspired the ‘piece’ … but that would just be silly… of course our new government knows what it is doing…..

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