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Saturday after a lot of sun…..

Still.. at least we can say that we were beaten by Germany who do seem to know how to play football.  Germany managed to put 4 goals past another of Ingerland’s  many famous enemies – THE ARGIES!

And…as I have had an amusing afternoon with lawyer friends  laughing at Mr Clegg’s attempts to engage the British people in law reform – thankfully Brits have a sense of humour even if some politicians don’t – I just had to include this picture as a social record of the number of women in Britain’s new Coalition government. I suspect, after reading some of the suggestions being put forward by  Daily Mail Readers  that the GREAT LAW REFORM ACT will not include the return of the death penalty, the repeal of all laws relating to speeding offences, Europe, particularly those Poles and other ‘East Europeans’ who have nicked our jobs… not that we actually want to do them, Europe again, just to be sure and nor will it include nonsense about imprisoning people who park outside other people’s houses for life.

The good news is that it will keep Inspector Cleggeau busy believing that he is doing something of value for our country.

And…as they say on Crimewatch… don’t have nightmares… it is only a temporary phenomenon…….

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