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Cameron and co tread carefully over Kashmir

Guardian: It is clear that every minister accompanying David Cameron on his trip to India has been told not to talk about Kashmir

LATEST…. Hague clarifies….! Not that I know anything about it… but I’d say that British foreign policy is  quite extraordinary at the moment….  Turkey, Gaza, Israel….. what next…. a fact finding mission to North Korea to see #BigSociety ?

UK PM cautions Pakistan over ‘terror exports’

BBC: Leaked documents accuse Pakistani intelligence of helping Afghan militants

British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned Pakistan not to have any relationship with groups that “promote the export of terror”.

Found pic on net… but cd not find owner… great pic!  Sorry if it is yours!

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The ‘debate’ on Times Higher Education Supplement about BPP getting ‘University’ status goes on…and on….

I don’t suppose that I added much when I posted this early this morning…
Charon QC 28 July, 2010

Yes… you are probably right. Governments of all complexions tend to be persuaded by the *Five millions flies eat shit – ipso facto, shit is good to eat* line of argument.

But there we are – that’s democracy for you – and just because a reasonable body of opinion tends to think that any teaching institution can be a ‘university’ however good (and BPP is good) doesn’t necessarily mean it is right .

Does it matter? No – not if you want every college in the country to become a ‘university’ on the premise that it is not part of the defining ethos of such an institution to be involved in research.

We shall see, in time, whether the term ‘university’ continues to have any real meaning. In the meantime – I shall nip orf to think of other things.

Always good to see Black Psyops in action… the above from Legal Week Student!

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