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Blog spam – a study in invention

Most bloggers will be used to an astonishing range of spam and the inventive (and, frankly, moronic ) souls who think that  writing comments to blog posts along the lines of….

Amazing page! I haven’t noticed charonqc.wordpress.com before in my surfing!
Keep up the hard work! I think this video might be interesting for your visitors:…. yada yada yada…..

will get approved…and not be deleted manually…even if they survive the quite efficient spam filters now being used by WordPress et al.

I have a policy of linking spammers who want a free ride  (Some law firms, law services operations etc etc etc)  to porno sites – but I can’t do that for spammers from porno sites…… well…. I suppose I could send their market to competitor porno sites.. but that is not so much fun.

I just could not resist sharing this most inventive post….received earlier:


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David Cameron accused by Labour of Iran nuclear ‘gaffe’

The British Broadcasting Corporation reports:

Labour has accused David Cameron of committing a gaffe by mistakenly claiming Iran has a nuclear weapon.

Asked why he was backing Turkey to join the EU he said it could help solve the world’s problems, “like the Middle East peace process, like the fact that Iran has got a nuclear weapon”.

Downing Street said the prime minister “misspoke”.

But Shadow Europe Minister Chris Bryant said he was becoming a “foreign policy klutz”.

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Singing pensioner faces jail after breaching Asbo

A pensioner who has terrorised his neighbours for 15 years faces prison after breaching an Asbo by singing ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ outside their homes.

I can do no better than quote from The Telegraph report: Richard Dawe, 76, also threatened a neighbour saying he was going to ”get him” and called another woman living nearby ”slit eyes”. He had previously sang ‘Everything’s Going My Way’ by The Queers and Tom Jones’ ‘My Delila’, used his sheep dogs to ‘herd’ an elderly resident and once goose-stepped up an ant hill shouting ”The Don rules”.

I have a horrible feeling I will be doing this sort of thing when I am 76…

Prezza goes to Chilcott Inquiry!

Reading Private Eye at Table 14 in The Square this lunchtime my attention was taken by their report on Lord Prescott’s appearance at the Chilcott Inquiry.  I fully admit that my caption today was entirely inspired by Private Eye… but I have been reading the Eye since 1967 ish so I hope they won’t mind on this occasion…

I have now read the entire transcript of Lord Prescott’s evidence.  It really is quite a remarkable document…… the usual Prezza mangling style is evident in parts and in other parts it is just surreal….

I rather liked this exchange….

BARONESS PRASHAR: Thank you. Lord Prescott, when did you
personally first become aware of the discussions between the President and Prime Minister that might lead to the removal of Saddam Hussein?

RT. HON THE LORD PRESCOTT: Well, I think the first awareness was when I visited the United States —

BARONESS PRASHAR: That was when?

RT. HON  THE LORD PRESCOTT: Just a couple of days after 9/11. I had a meeting with Mr Cheney, the Vice-President, and I can recall the meeting, because him and the President were being hidden in different parts of the UK and I had to conduct my interview by a video screen.

BARONESS PRASHAR: You mean different parts of the USA?

RT. HON. THE LORD PRESCOTT: Yes. Sorry. Thank you. I had to do it by a video screen. I couldn’t help but point out that perhaps he was hiding in the cave that was probably more luxurious than Bin Laden, but in going to America at that time I talked to a number of my senator friends, Democrat ones, and I was absolutely surprised to find them talking about an aggressive attitude, that Iraq was unfinished business..

There is a wonderful exchange on the issue of the advice on legality  of the war from the  Attorney-General  where Prezza refers to the attorney-general as being an ‘unhappy bunny’.It is worth a quick read if you have an interest in knowing the inner mind of the then deputy prime Minister at this time.


And since it is the silly season.. this is wonderful  HT to @Pam_Nash on twitter

British Gas customer wins £2,000 payment for ‘wasted time’

Self-employed workers have been advised to bill utility companies if the firms waste their time, after a British Gas customer won a £2,000 pay out.

Telegraph: Consumer experts have told customers that they should keep detailed records of telephone calls made and letters sent to broadband, gas or electricity companies. If the customer is forced to spend serious amounts of time sorting out problems caused by the companies, they should attempt to bill them for loss of earnings.

The advice comes after Barry Payling was paid more than £2,000 by British Gas, after he threatened the company with court action following two years of disputes.

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Cameron avoids joint press conference with scandal-hit Silvio Berlusconi

Daily Mail reports

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