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This is LEG! – At the moment it is now in poster paint format and about 24 inches high….. BUT….  I am planning to turn it into a painting 6ft x 4ft.  This, I can tell you, is not going to be easy.  It is a friend’s leg, obviously – it is not easy painting one’s own leg… not even Picasso did it…nor Monet, Manet, Turner, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Mondrian, Constable, Leonardo Da Vinci Code, Damien, Nick Leg…. none of them…. not one great artist has ever painted their own leg…. I am not a great artist, ipso facto… I paint other people’s legs…. or only one of them… in these days of CUTS… BIG SOCIETY… *We are all innit to win it*… sorry…. *We are all in it together*….  That is all.

Coming soon…..

OK… as @infobunny tweeted it – it is her leg!  I am always discreet….. and did not wish to reveal the owner of the LEG!


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QCs face compulsory reaccreditation under new advocacy scheme

Solicitors Journal: “The most experienced criminal advocates in the country will be subject to compulsory reaccreditation every five years under plans for a joint quality assurance scheme launched this week by the Bar Standards Board, the SRA and ILEX.

“Queen’s Counsel will not be exempt from the reaccreditation process,” the Joint Advocacy Group (JAG) said in its consultation paper. “JAG believes that it is important for the credibility of the scheme for QCs to be involved.

“The award of a mark of excellence by an independent body is separate from a regulatory quality assurance scheme which is assessing threshold standards.”

The move towards joint monitoring follows stinging criticism of the quality of solicitor advocates last year by the former chairman of the Criminal Bar Association, Peter Lodder QC, and by Judge Gledhill QC at Southwark Crown Court (see solicitorsjournal.com, 21 April 2009).

There is an element of irony here.  I cannot imagine that when senior members of the Bar complained about the quality of solicitor-advocates they imagined that they, too, would be subject to an MOT.   Maybe they did.  It will be a bit embarrassing if senior barristers fail?  Will we be told?  Will PAC (Performance of Advocacy Council – yet another new ‘body) tell us?  I shall be watching their website with interest.  I am sure that I shall not be alone in doing so.
There are now so many regulatory bodies for Law – LSB, BSB, SRA, ILEX et al… one wonders where it will end.

As I said in the comments…. “Some say it is a PC way of ensuring solicitor-advocates are properly regulated? I could not, of course, comment on such an idea.”

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