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Not everyone knows about The Lord Chancellor’s Breakfast – so I thought I would start with that.

Parliament: The start of the legal year is marked with a religious service in Westminster Abbey – in which judges arrive from the Royal Courts of Justice – followed by a reception at the Houses of Parliament, hosted by the Lord Chancellor.

They go by car these days.  Lord knows what tourists make of it – it is quite a sight!

A quick look at some law blogs… I haven’t done this for some time. Some law blogs are dead.  These blogs are not dead – thankfully.

Obiter J is a regular visitor to my blog and, invariably, adds to the tone of my more sensible posts with very useful comments and links.  I am delighted, therefore, to point you in the direction of his blog.  He says he is retired but retains an interest in Human rights.  It seems to me that Obiter J is very active!  Have a look. It will repay the time. Obiter J also has a useful blog on International Law

An old friend of mine from the teaching days in the early 1980s, a retired criminal barrister, has an excellent blog.  he doesn’t always blog directly about law – but law, politics, life are all  intertwined – so I can recommend The Fat Bigot

John Bolch is a good friend of mine.  I have known him for some time.  He puts up with my nonsense about Family Law – but he certainly does the business on Family Lore and does podcasts with another friend of mine, Natasha Phillips, who writes the Divorce Manual blog – in a striking shade of YELLOW! .   I am delighted to see that John Bolch has taken up cartooning!  I also rather liked this sardonic post: Rubbish Fashion

Any aspiring barrister just has to read Simon Myerson QC’s Pupillage and How to Get It.  They would be negligent not to!  You might find the podcast I did with Simon Myerson of interest if you are a barrister or thinking about becoming one.  Listen

Surfing Barrister Tim Kevan has escaped from behind The Times paywall to produce his own blog himself and this is also on The Guardian.  Always a good read. Indeed, my own law firm, Muttley Dastardly LLP has instructed Babybarista.

Ex-Government barrister, Carl Gardner, writes The Head of Legal blog.  In fact he seems to do a lot of writing and popped up in The Guardian only the other day with this piece:

Exposing celebrities’ sex lives is not in the public interest

Bystander JP of The Magistrates’ Blog is always worth reading – and I do so regularly.  This is his latest post:

A Few Questions

If the proposal to put a ‘court’ into a shopping centre is anything but a cruel hoax, may I respectfully draw the attention of the Magistrates’ Association and the Ministry of Justice to a few practical difficulties?

I wrote about this absurd idea myself last night in a rather long and dark piece.

And… finally for today [I will try and visit a few law blogs as I post over the next two weeks.  Providing too many links in one post may lead to overload].

The White Rabbit

Never any law in it – but always worth a read!  Today’s offering…as good as it is every day!

the rabbit admits to corpsing at this plus assorted stuff


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I am sure I read in one of the tabloids this morning that Lib-Dem support, polled by Sky talking to 1500 people, was at 8%.  Other polls suggest 12-13%.  Is Clegg the Capello of politics?… the man with the Midas touch in reverse?!

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