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Stig court case: BBC loses battle over Ben Collins book

BBC: The Stig has never removed his helmet on the show

The BBC has lost a legal fight to stop publication of a book which reveals the identity of Top Gear’s driver The Stig.

The High Court in London refused to grant the BBC an injunction blocking the publication by HarperCollins of an autobiography of former Formula Three driver Ben Collins.

The book, called The Man In The White Suit, claims Mr Collins is the mystery driver on the BBC Two show.

1.  Who cares?

2. This is contract law (and Equity as Jack of Kent reminded me, rightly, on Twitter) not freedom of speech – so knee jerkers of the world may have to get a grip and wait for some really important issues to come up before firing off sundry and random rants on twitter etc etc about ‘our right to know’ Wikileaks, Wikifreaks, , rape allegations, conspiracy theories etc etc etc.

3. I haven’t read the contract or the judgment – and I really cannot be arsed to do so. Ipso facto (to use one of our secret legal phrases) I am not going to give an opinion, view or even random punditry on this complete waste of licence payers money.  I am fairly certain that very few people know who *Mr X*  is and I have a feeling his book will hit the remainder bin at *Pinedland*… or other ‘retail outlet near you’ …  at a hefty discount of 50% fairly soon.  Time will tell, of course.  I would imagine the press coverage and BBC coverage (ironically) will have helped sales. I don’t recall *Mr X* winning any major Formula 1 titles…. but, no doubt, readers who watch motorsport on TV or at the track will advise me if *Mr X* was actually quite famous.

Legal note: at least Mr Justice Morgan had the humour to hold the trial in *secret* – despite the fact that a huge number of people now claim to have known who the The Stig was but kept *schtum* ..and some may even have had him in the back of their cabs wearing the full kit, as a guest at their hen party, to dinner at chi chi Notting Hill dinner parties blah blah blah…. !

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Today I got very bored with the hate, venom, bile and complete and utter nonsense which I read on twitter about Blair, Hague etc etc etc…….

Tony Blair published his book today. I will enjoy reading his book.  Blair is not all about Iraq.   Cue a raft of unpleasantness – and then Iain Dale reports on The Hague / Myers issue. I enjoy the Libertarians I follow. I enjoy reading the views of MPs.   I am not responsible for their views.  They are not responsible for mine. I’ll happily read political blogs.  I don’t actually care what the political blogger thinks, even if I enjoy their ideas and writing. I make my own mind up – and I have always assumed others do as well? And I could not give a damn about daft buttons which reveal the blogger to be in the Top 10 of Political Bloggers – why do they care, let alone question the provenance of the award? Bizarre.

I will continue to enjoy the amusing/ the analytical / the plain daft and bizarre on twitter…  but, today, I found the twitter and blog hatred about Blair and other matters unpleasant.  I shall stick to parody and leave the venom to others… and if you don’t like what I say on this particular issue …. unfollow….don’t read my blog – but, please don’t waste time making clever remarks on Twitter – because I won’t be reading them tonight… I shall return to twitter when the *Perfectly Ludicrous Storm* has abated.

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