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You Coulson’t make it up #Metgate #Hackgate

You may want to listen to the covert recordings… with Lionel Ritchie playing the part of a phone caller…hacking away on an old theme…

I’m sorry that there is no guest appearance from The Pakistan High Commissioner in the film or , indeed, any cricketers….On #Metgate #Hackgate –  it seems, with the NOTW covering 18 pages of their paper tomorrow on corruption in cricket,  they Coulson’t fit any other types of corruption in!

We shall find out when the papers hit the shops tomorrow!

And… you really should look at this post by leading Tory blogger  Iain Dale for balance.

Coulson’s Accusers Can Go to Hell

“Andy Coulson is bloody good at his job. That’s why the likes of The Guardian, Alastair Campbell, Prescott and Johnson are doing their best to jump on the back of the New York Times story about an ex News of the World journalist who was sacked by the paper for persistent drug and alcohol problems. You don’t think he might have a grudge, do you?

They all want Coulson’s scalp. Well, sod ’em.

Well… there we are… life in Britain goes on despite the credit crunch… etc etc etc….. and, in time, we shall see who is right… The Tories or the Wicked Witches from Narnia on the Left …who have been sitting in a cupboard for well over 100 days trying to elect a new leader….

In the interests of a rounded view – it is only right that I draw your attention to some world class thinking from…. Dizzy Thinks … or thinks he thinks?

Andy Coulson ‘lied’ over News of the World phone-hacking – reporter

• Pressure mounts as No 10 spin doctor’s ex-colleague speaks
• Tessa Jowell says phone was hacked 28 times
• Prominent figures to sue Met for lack of warning


John Prescott furious over unrevealed link to phone-hacking scandal

Guardian: Documents held by Metropolitan police suggest News of the World targeted former deputy prime minister

Channel 4 maintained earlier on twitter through Krishna Guru-Murthy that they were not running with this Prezza story because he was dealing with a Sunday newspaper…..  Who would have thought that such a thing was possible?

And… it will be interesting to see if… following  the endeavours of those who pushed this story (famous bloggers / politicians et al) …. to see if there is any *Evidence*….. Evidence is quite useful to the rule of law… and if there is… we should see it and act upon it…. if there isn’t.. well…. I leave you to draw your own conclusions on those who have pushed it / not pushed it

I don’t know… not being privy to these things…..

And… I suppose that we shouldn’t leave out the latest from the Labour Leadership election. Ed Balls… is, ineluctably, getting up David Miliband’s nose…. OK… I’ll get my coat…

Hat Tip @Noeticat on twitter for the pic

It may also assist if you have a kneejerking problem that you look at a medical bulletin issued by my cousin Charon MD only this evening.

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Striking the brain of a twitter user with a blog post or a newspaper article or tweet  just below the cerebral cortex can stretch the mind of some bloggers/tweeters  beyond credulity. This stimulates an immediate desire to post a blog post that triggers an afferent impulse in a sensory nerve fiber of the femoral nerve leading to the lumbar region (L4) of the spinal cord of both the writer of the blog post and sundry readers of the tweets. Then (I’m afraid), the sensory neuron synapses directly with a motor neuron that conducts an efferent impulse to the quadriceps femoris muscle, triggering contraction. This contraction, coordinated with the relaxation of the antagonistic flexor hamstring muscle causes the leg to kick and all sorts of bollocks to be written on blog and on twitter.  The good news is….. that  this reflex helps maintain posture and balance, allowing one to walk without consciously thinking about each step or, indeed, anything sensible.

Charon MD

(After Wikipedia – to whom I apologise)

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Michael Gove dealt fresh blow as only 20 ‘free schools’ approved

Guardian Exclusive: Education secretary had claimed that more than 700 ‘free schools’ could be established due to high demand

Being fair – I am a bit surprised. Gove seemed very sensible on Newsnight before the election – quite credible in a fantastically irritating way (until one compared him to Toby Young on the subject of education who is World Class when it comes to ‘opining’ on television).  This, after his recent humble reprise of Uriah Heap in The Commons –  but weeks after the Coalition Forces took power – is not that helpful to his future.  Laws – GONE.  Hague – I hope he does not resign – Gove? –  Chopping block job? Dr Spin Dr Coulson?  Well… twitter is ablaze with it… I don’t need to comment….

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The Man of Law’s Portrait THE LAWYER
309: A sergeant of the lawe, war and wys,
310: That often hadde been at the parvys,
311: Ther was also, ful riche of excellence.
312: Discreet he was and of greet reverence —
313: He semed swich, his wordes weren so wise.
314: Justice he was ful often in assise,
315: By patente and by pleyn commissioun.
316: For his science and for his heigh renoun,
317: Of fees and robes hadde he many oon.
318: So greet a purchasour was nowher noon:
319: Al was fee symple to hym in effect;
320: His purchasyng myghte nat been infect.
321: Nowher so bisy a man as he ther nas,
322: And yet he semed bisier than he was.
323: In termes hadde he caas and doomes alle
324: That from the tyme of kyng william were falle.
325: Therto he koude endite, and make a thyng,
326: Ther koude no wight pynche at his writyng;
327: And every statut koude he pleyn by rote.
328: He rood but hoomly in a medlee cote.
329: Girt with a ceint of silk, with barres smale;
330: Of his array telle I no lenger tale.
A sergeant of the law, wary and wise,
Who’d often gone to Paul’s walk to advise,
There was also, compact of excellence.
Discreet he was, and of great reverence;
At least he seemed so, his words were so wise.
Often he sat as justice in assize,
By patent or commission from the crown;
Because of learning and his high renown,
He took large fees and many robes could own.
So great a purchaser was never known.
All was fee simple to him, in effect,
Wherefore his claims could never be suspect.
Nowhere a man so busy of his class,
And yet he seemed much busier than he was.
All cases and all judgments could he cite
That from King William’s time were apposite.
And he could draw a contract so explicit
Not any man could fault therefrom elicit;
And every statute he’d verbatim quote.
He rode but badly in a medley coat,
Belted in a silken sash, with little bars,
But of his dress no more particulars.

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The White Rabbit – Ian Tomlinson and an idiot pathologist…

I have had the pleasure of several evenings chatting about various matters with The White Rabbit – author and experienced barrister. It is rare for The White Rabbit to write about the law – but when he does – it is very definitely worth a look.  In this post he reviews the tragic Ian Tomlinson case – and the lack of a prosecution.

Read here?

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1On the third day a dinner party  took place at Chelsea in London. Charon was there, 2and Cardinal Charoni Di Tampranillo and a few of his mates had also been invited  3When the wine was gone, Cardinal Charoni di Tempranillo  said to Charon, “There is no more wine.”

4“Cardinal, why do you involve me?” Charon replied, “My private delivery  has not yet come.”

5Cardinal Charoni said to the catering company waitress, “Do whatever he tells you.”

6Nearby stood a stone water jar, the kind used by the catering company for guests who cannot live without expensive water in bottles ,  holding from twenty to thirty gallons.[a]

7Charon said to the catering company staff, “Fill the jar with water”; so they filled it to the brim.

8Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the Cardinal.”

They did so, 9and the Cardinal tasted the water that Charon had tried to turn into wine. And the Cardinal said..”LO…. it is time to phone Oddbins….. “

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