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Law Review: Metgate grinds on….

I was hesitant in commenting on the Metgate saga (as I have stated several times in blog posts) partly because other bloggers are doing so and partly because of that old hoary chestnut of evidence. We are all reliant on detail provided from the media and this latest article from Donald Trelford in The Independent is worth a read…

Donald Trelford: Without a paper trail, Coulson will survive

The Independent: Media Studies: Only if Coulson faces criminal charges, or is shown to have lied to MPs, will he lose his job

Trelford writes: “I doubt if the MPs’ committees will link him to any criminal activity. The New York Times certainly didn’t, apart from the uncorroborated testimony of disgruntled former reporters, most of them anonymous, one from someone who had left the News of the World with drug and alcohol problems. And why did the American paper devote three reporters and 6,000 words to a story in Britain? It was to embarrass Murdoch, with whom they are engaged in a cut-throat survival battle against his revamped Wall Street Journal.


And talking of ‘tricks’…. this….

Former minister in High Court battle over election ‘dirty tricks’

Telegraph: Phil Woolas, the former immigration minister, could be thrown out of Parliament after being accused of breaking electoral law with a “toxic” dirty tricks campaign against a general election rival.


Kneejerking – a common problem with political people –  or a fair point?

Lenient justice – who will judge the judges?

Douglas Carswell MP wades in…… “The great Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, has uncovered the startling fact that over the course of a year, not a single one of the 10,000 burglars brought before the courts was awarded the maximum sentence.

This raises the question of whether burglars actually face justice at all.  Might it be that those who preside over our criminal justice system – especially judges – are in thrall to the idea that justice is about rehabilitating wrong-doers, rather than punishing them?”

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