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Papal Bull:Non-believers likened to nazis?!

Pope speech compares atheist ‘extremism’ with Nazism

In a bid to extend the hand of friendship to the people of third world Britain the Vatican let loose their equivalent of Malcolm Tucker last night to tell us all that landing at Heathrow airport was like entering a third world country.  The Cardinal, who now has gout, explained his words by saying he meant that we had a lot of different people here. Bizarre  It is probably just as well he had to cancel his trip to Britain with Pope due to gout.

Not to be outdone the Pope said he was extending a hand of friendship not just to Catholics – but clearly not to people like me – atheists or secularists.

The BBC reports: The Pope has compared “atheist extremism” to the Nazi tyranny of WWII in a speech given in Edinburgh as he begins a four-day visit to the UK. The pontiff praised Britain’s fight against the Nazis – who “wished to eradicate God” – before relating it to modern day “atheist extremism”. Afterwards his spokesman Federico Lombardi said: “I think the Pope knows rather well what the Nazi ideology is”.

Humanists have said the comments were a “terrible libel” against non-believers.

A statement from the British Humanist Association said the Pope’s remarks were “surreal”.

“The notion that it was the atheism of Nazis that led to their extremist and hateful views or that it somehow fuels intolerance in Britain today is a terrible libel against those who do not believe in God.

“The notion that it is non-religious people in the UK today who want to force their views on others, coming from a man whose organisation exerts itself internationally to impose its narrow and exclusive form of morality and undermine the human rights of women, children, gay people and many others, is surreal.”

Well… that’s a good start.  Wonder what he’ll do for his next trick?!

In the meantime – a little bit of Springtime for Hitler from The Producers.  Makes me laugh

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Law Review: A few law blogs from the UK

On this day when The Pope visits our shores, I thought I would have a look at a few law blogs……

First up is the all new Pink Tape blog – a blog by a family law barrister ‘Familoo’ – her About section explains all.  I quote her own words to describe the blog.  I am not a Family lawyer – but I do read Pink Tape...

“A blog in which I ricochet from too serious to too flippant, and alternate between a bit clever, a bit interesting and a bit ranty: Pink Tape neatly functions as both a blog about family law and a therapeutic escape valve for me.”

Pink Tape: Well worth a visit!

Other Family Law blogs of particular valueJohn Bolch’s Family Lore. John, an experienced solicitor now devoting his time to writing about family law works tirelessly on family law updates and commentaries.  He even does podcasts with Natasha Phillips whose excellent blog Divorce Manual is also worth a look. See also Family Law Week

I’ve been impressed by the new Guardian Law website and Afua Hirsch’s blog on The Guardian is a good read. Another Guardian blog worth reading of course is Babybarista.  Just one word of warning.  I had a very long lunch with the author of Babybarista recently. He also publishes Babybarista on his own blog.  I’ve known Tim Kevan for some time…..  If he should sidle up to you and suggest a long lunch…be afraid… be very afraid.  Very amusing… but you may need to consult a doctor afterwards for your liver!

I came across this fascinating free law website today on twitter: Legal FuturesThe essential free guide to conduct, compliance and competence for lawyers. Speaks for itself rather well…or res ipsa loquitur as we say over at Muttley Dastardly LLP when we want an uplift on our fees.

I drew your attention to new blogger The Utterant yesterday – but I am master of this slightly surreal ship, so I’ll mention The Utterant again – definitely a good read.

Serious law blogging is done well in many quarters and here is a small selection of specialist blogs from the UK that are a must read if you are interested in the particular subject matter

Head of Legal – Constitutional Law, human rights and civil liberties (in particular) written by former government lawyer Carl Gardner

UK Human Rights Law: – A superb resource and blog from the team at 1 Crown Office Row – first port of call for comment on UK Human Rights Law

Jack of Kent –  Written by practising lawyer David Allen Green – libel, privacy, law reform, constitutional and hard cases. He also writes about ‘Bad Law’

Charles Russell Critique – An excellent commercial blog written by Andrew Sharpe – telecoms – commercial contracts

Inner Temple Library Current Awareness – why go anywhere else for their news service.  I use it oas an RSS feed for Insite law – excellent

John Flood’s RATS – Random Academic Thoughts from prof John Flood – eclectic and interesting.

Law and Lawyers – Obiter J’s excellent blog on human rights and international law

MTPT – a blog by a ‘twenty-something’ solicitor, Matthew Taylor  – eclectic, analytical and a good read – politics, civil liberties – broad based

Conflictoflaws.net – it does exactly what is says – Conflicts.  Definitive

The Magistrate’s blog – By Bystander JP – he’s been around a long time and the blog is a very enjoyable read.

UKSC Blog – You just can’t get more definitive or detailed on the work of the UK Supreme Court – an excellent resource.

Simon Myerson QC Pupillage and How To Get It – if you are thinking of reading for the Bar you have to read this.

Android’s Reminscences – a recently qualified barrister – musings, but good ones – and great artwork

Law Actually – IT and telecoms law

Nearly Legal:Housing Law – a very comprehensive resource on housing law issues

SB Consulting – tax matters.

Lallands Peat Worrier – a sophisticated blog on Scots law

Loveandgarbage – another excellent blog on Scots law…and other matters

Landlord Law blog – Landlord & tenant law Tessa Sheperton

White Rabbit – absolutely no law in it whatsoever  (* – except when there is) – but a truly surreal and excellent read.  Another barrister who enjoys a drink with me and vice versa (See Kevan above, Babybarista)

The Fat Bigot – I knew The Fat Bigot many moons ago – a retired criminal barrister – always on the button with his observations

There are more (many in my blogroll) and this is but a small selection to be going on with.  I will do another blog review shortly and include others not mentioned here today.

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