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The smart money…rumour is that Ed Milisiah has won… this is fine by me… as I now have the perfect excuse to go completely non-aligned politically… been rather disappointed with Labour civlib position in recent years …and think it is time to wait and see what our MPs actually do rather than say they will do… plenty of time.. next election will probably be in 2015!

And… I am more than happy to vote Boris…as I did last time…. I’d rather have an amusing Mayor in a City I have lived in for 31 years….

I find tribal politics rather dull now…. which is probably a good thing!

So… this blog is non aligned… not that I have ever been that bothered about political affiliation when it comes to blogging… this is why I am not and never will be a polblogger!

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Supreme court status should not be at risk in ‘bonfire of the quangos’

Guardian: Coalition must safeguard separation of powers and the rule of law when considering status of UK supreme court

The UK Supreme Court blog has pointed out that the UK supreme court is listed as “still to be decided – options being considered” in the quango reform document which was leaked this morning.

But what does this mean? Surely not that the new UK supreme court, after £56m of investment and a successful first year in operation, is for the chop?

Not a chance. The supreme court is the highest appeal court in the land and an integral part of the UK justice system. While the name and venue are new, the court itself is almost identical to the House of Lords committee which it replaced, and most (although not all) consider its new independence from government to be a positive step for the rule of law.

What may be under consideration is the team which runs the court. The 2005 Act of Parliament which created the court states that the Lord Chancellor “must” appoint a chief executive, and “may” appoint officers and staff of the court. At present, the court has 10 executive staff, in addition to around 30 other staff.

It is, surely, inconceivable that any government would do away with the United Kingdom’s most important protector of the Rule  of Law and bulwark against the excesses of government.  I am more than happy to parody politicians from time to time – but any attempt to reduce the authority and power of the UKSC would lead us down a very dark path.  Perhaps savings could be made on the trinkets and Supreme Court teddy bears being sold?

Law firms – got yourselves covered for PI insurance? – if not then you may well want to have a look at this….

I did a podcast with Oliver Wharmby of specialists Priest & Co recently – a useful source of information and advice.  They are PI specialists and able to accommodate risks that have still yet to secure a deal with any qualifying insurer.

Lawcast 167: Oliver Wharmby, Priest & Co, on Professional Indemnity Insurance for Solicitors

A selection  of useful articles in Guardian law….

CPS to prosecute online stalkers

Control orders are dehumanising, abusive and should be scrapped

Tweet success awaits the savvy lawyer

Quality of legal aid is as important as access to a lawyer

And from John Bolch at Family Lore…

Family LoreCast #19

This week Natasha and I discuss the speech Is the Family Justice System in need of review?, given by the President of the Family Division Sir Nicholas Wall to the shared parenting charity Families Need Fathers on the 19th September. Topics covered include shared residence, compulsory assessment for mediation in private law children matters, the future of legal aid and McKenzie friends.

You can listen to the LoreCast here.

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After reading Tony Blair’s book The Journey – I had a glass or two of Rioja, smoked a few Marlboros and thought to myself… Charon…I said… You could write a book.… so I did…. it isn’t a very long book as you can see above!

All profits from This book are going to CASH – Charon’s Association for Self Help

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