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I am bored with celebrities on twitter and spent a very happy ten minutes or so unfollowing the buggers. The Dragons have been smugging excessively, or in the case of Duncan Genocide (Excellent name for Bannatyne from Harry & Paul!),pimping his gym, book and other products…and Lord Sugar seems to have lost the plot recently with the tweet below – flashed all over the Sunday newspapers. The irony is that Lord Sugar… who, as it happens, I do like – said he was reluctant to go on Twitter in case he came across as a ‘mug’.

This tweet doesn’t help, SurAlanLordDukeoftelly… but at least you usually have a sense of humour!

The remedy is, of course, to use the twitter *Unfollow* button… but, in the case of Duncan Genocide, you may find it  so much more fun to *Block & Report for Spam*… in fact, why not *follow*…then *Block and report for Spam*…..   this may discourage these Clebs from cluttering up Twitter with their bloody pimping.


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