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Dragon and unremitting self publicist on twitter (books, gyms, good works etc) @Duncanbannatyne (aka known as Duncan Genocide by Harry & Paul) has managed to piss off a lot of people on twitter by arguing with a young woman who offended him.  The whole thing got out of hand….  just follow the #duncanbannatyne or similar to get the story.

Duncan Genocide has 182,000 followers – I am not one of them… in fact… I am BLOCKED from following him…. he doesn’t like me, obviously.  Bovvered?  Nope.

I am not going to cover it – because it is now @DavidAllenGreen story -*Genocide* was *HARD* on twitter..and tweeted this… to lawyer David Allen Green… not a terribly clever thing to do…. since David Allen Green is a rather sensible and good lawyer.  (See tweet capture below)

This is the Duncan Bannatyne Tweet to lawyer David Allen Green…captured from the public timeline!

I do despair of celebrities who think they can own and manipulate twitter… fair enough pimping the odd book  etc… but bullying is most unattractive.  The original tweet complained of was clearly a joke. I did see it.  Perhaps not a great joke… but anyone with even half a mind… would see it as a Dragon’s Den joke!  Now the joke – in my opinion – is the Dragon….  and for that reason… *I’m OUT* and will never take Bannatyne seriously again unless he apologises to the original tweeter and twitter for his… to coin a phrase… *Ridiculous* behaviour.

Life is just too short…..

This is a personal opinion, sanctioned by English Law (and a raportage of events which are within my personal experience in terms of being blocked!), and is NOT a libel or any form of intrusion into the life of a heroic celebrity.  I believe we are still allowed to express personal opinions in our green and pleasant land even if a Twitter Cleb doesn’t like it?

This is Duncan Genocide’s tweet to @sharongooner (who I think has been very ‘cool’ about the whole thing – and even deleted her tweet as she did not intend to offend.  She made me smile when she tweeted… *going to the naughty step* – full marks to SG!)


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Police who handcuffed barrister in RCJ offer £100,000 and apology

The Solicitors Journal reports: “The barrister awarded £100,000 in police compensation after being led away from the Royal Courts of Justice in handcuffs says the cost to the taxpayer could be three times that amount. Lamb Chambers’ Colin Challenger, who has donated the cash to charity, mounted civil and criminal cases against the Metropolitan Police after his wrongful arrest in court last year.”

A scuffle broke out at a bankruptcy hearing at the  RCJ.  Four protesters were evicted from the court by Registrar Barber.  Challenger, it was alleged, shoved one of the protesters.  He was arrested despite protestations from onlookers that he was, in fact, the victim of a physical attack.  Challenger fell into a diabtetic coma after police confiscated his insulin and he had to be taken to hospital.

The police have now settled the claim after Challenger’s solicitors “prized the grudging apology and ‘undisclosed damages’ from the commissioner”, with costs yet to be decided.The 57-year-old barrister has previously represented the Metropolitan Police in several high-profile cases. He said: “Regarding Sir Paul Stephenson’s idea that police should have a level of immunity – once upon a time I was in favour of this.

This is extraordinary.  And the police want immunity from prosecution..at, prosecution against them to be made more difficult.  Shocking behaviour on the part of the police.  If they can do this to a senior member of the Bar at a court, one wonders what the police are getting up to in less public circumstances.

Quick links to lead stories in The Guardian today

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And some good news!

Summary judgment in a “Solicitors from Hell” case

A solicitor who was defamed by an anonymous posting on the Solicitors from Hell website won summary judgment and libel damages of £17,500 from Rick Kordowski, the man who set up and runs the site. Courts rarely grant summary judgment in defamation cases, doing so only when a defendant has no defence to the action.

Mr Justice Eady, sitting in the High Court on 11 October 2010, also ordered Mr Kordowski to pay costs of £28,000 to solicitor Megan Phillips, of law firm Bhatt Murphy, and issued an injunction banning him from repeating the allegations.

Ms Phillips’ counsel, Guy Vassall-Adams, had told the judge that Mr Kordowski had no chance of being able to justify the allegations – which were completely untrue – as he had made no attempt to verify them for himself and had allowed them to be posted anonymously.

The solicitors from Hell website states on its Home Page: “Name and shame those shady Solicitors. No need to register or even leave your name.

Rabinder Singh: We need a written constitution

Guardian: Read the full text of the speech given by Rabinder Singh QC for the 2010 JUSTICE/Tom Sargant memorial annual lecture

Interesting stuff – need to think about it, though.  I am not convinced…. but open to re-thinking and other persuasive argument.

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