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It has been an unusual week. A Dragon and twitter self publicist made a bit of a fool of himself on twitter and despite fanboys and girls rushing to his rescue to praise the heroic twitterer without stopping to thoroughly consider what was being said, Duncan Genocide (Copyright Harry & Paul) managed to issue a rather sinister tweet on twitter to @sharongooner…and I quote: “Just so you know.  If anyone believes your silly tweet & if it hurts my family I will sue you for as much as I can.” I covered the ‘incident’ on my blog yesterday [Duncan Genocide doesn’t seem to understand Twitter that well – a personal opinion…not a LIBEL! ].

I find it curious that a man who is reputedly 167th in Britain’s Rich list, worth over £370 million and who has a Titanium Amex card, apparently, could wish to sue someone who is not rich for as ‘much as he can’. This smacks of bullying.  The likelihood of Bannatyne actually winning a libel case in that context was remote – and it would have been a foolish thing to do because the British don’t like bullies and, I suspect, there would have been a Streisand Effect on twitter and on the net.
To be fair to Bannatyne – even though he has blocked me (Presumably because I parodied the Dragons? ) he does do a lot of good work for charity and it is right that he should protect his family. For a man whose judgment in business is obviously extremely good – this was not apparent on twitter yesterday.  Having reflected on the matter overnight, and learning from Sharon Gooner’s tweets that there will be no litigation against her, I think it probably not unreasonable to put this incident down to a “bad day on twitter“. I won’t, however, be following his ‘tweets’ (a) because I am blocked from doing so and (b) because I can’t be arsed to follow anything Bannatyne does from now on.  Lord Sugar is far more amusing, far more interesting and… I understand… far richer!  I shall make him a few more quid by buying his new book.  I enjoy autobiography and, I hear, it is rather good.  Apparently, Private Eye thinks so!

Talking of bullying… I am not too keen on the handling of an important law student  issue recently by RollonFriday. I think it was a bit cruel.  To be fair…RollonFriday did ask for observations from twitter users and I responded by saying they would get a bit of flack.  Judge for yourselves.  The original story by Carly Moore-Martin in The Law Society Gazette is here…

The training contract lottery

And RollonFriday’s treatment (uncharacteristically brutish?) is here.

I think that RoF would be better sticking to ‘sticking it to Law firms and Law Schools’ – which they do well. RoF – again being fair – is usually on the side of students, so I am a bit baffled as to why they went for Carly Moore-Martin in the way they did.  Perhaps they will make it up to her?  (Hint!)  They suggested it was because they wanted to encourage debate in their tweet.  I hope Carly Moore-Martin is thick skinned – she certainly seems to have the nouse to write an article on her predicament in The Law Society Gazette – and that takes a bit of nerve – and full marks to the Gazette for running the story.

I wish Carly Moore-Martin well..and, for the record, I take my hat off to all students who fund their own law studies, provided they know the facts about the profession, and wish them well. It is a hard profession, particularly in these difficult times – and I would never discourage anyone with a reasonable prospect of getting a 2.1 from a reasonable university (as here) from having a go – if they are absolutely certain they understand the risks.


Right… just to let you know… that George, WEST LONDON MAN, was released from custody at La Guardia airport New York through the excellent representation given by experienced New York Defense lawyer, Scott Greenfield (who writes the excellent Simple Justice blog) and will soon return to this blog… writing away now!

If you have never read West London Man – a social satire – and wish to do so here are the first 25 episodes. There are even podcasts and I play the part of George.  My ex-wife plays the part of Caroline and Scott Greenfield plays himself in episode 25 and Colin Samuels US lawyer from California and writer of one of my favourite blogs Infamy or Praise, and a good friend, who helped me write the last three episodes, plays…. Hank, the US lawyer and La Guarda guards!.

Read /  Listen to Episodes 1-25 of WEST LONDON MAN!

Season II Episodes 1-12 coming soon……

Have a good weekend

Best, as always



STOP PRESS – MARR AGAIN… taken from my Comments section from Pragmatist…

Great stuff, though surely Mr Marr’s little effort from last Sunday rates a mention in the Bananaskins edition? It’s still doing well on Twitter… https://twitter.com/#!/search/andrew%20marr


STOP PRESS:  Saturday night 22.50 pm


Oh dear… DB may be gorn! He didn’t like the ‘haters’…so for that reason he is *OUT*… ah well….. there we are…. That’s twitter….. sometimes it can backfire…..

Sharon Gooner retaliated on twitter this evening – which,  while not the sort of thing a lawyer would have advised – is totally understandable.  She was slagged off by many of Bannatyne’s twitter followers.  She is not a celebrity.  She is a woman who works and tweets.  Below you will see an example of the  unpleasantness she has had to endure on twitter.  This, even without knowing Bannatyne personally, is not something I would imagine he would have any truck with. His  *Supporters* need to think carefully about this – because, as sure as eggs are eggs, mainstream media will pick this up – and that won’t be a pleasant experience. They also need to think about whether it is fair to tweet so unpleasantly about someone else?  Time to apologise, make up and stop the nonsense?  It takes a BIG man to apologise or resolve and make up.  Bannatyne is a big man… he does a great deal for charities but will he be here ?

A Bannatyne supporter doing his bit for BIG Society and The National Interest on Twitter tonight… why do we bother?  I am fairly certain that Bannatyne would be horrified by this…

This rather unpleasant man lives in *Shittie Swindon* – his words on his own profile when I looked tonight.  @s1monsays

And while you are at it.. do look at this…..  Matt commented on my earlier post.. this post is worth reading

A Brave Heart in the Dragon’s Den

Further update…

I very much doubt that this man would have the nerve to say this to Sharon Gooner’s face…and that is the problem with people like him.  I notice that he is perfectly charming to Dragon Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne.. so he is clearly not orf his head on booze as far as one can ascertain looking at his time line.

Does Bannatyne really want PR supporters and *Google juice* like this…..?  I don’t think so….

I am publishing this – unpleasant though it is – because I feel very strongly that twitter and Google and decent manners and humanity is rather more important than the vanity of a Dragon and his absurd followers*  (Those who indulge in the above).

Enough is enough Mr Bannatyne. Tweeting to those who follow you to say *don’t stoop to the level of the haters* is just not good enough.  You called lawyer David Allen Green *Big Boy* yesterday (See post of yesterday) ..are you a *big enough man to sort this amicably with Sharon Gooner*?  I do hope so.




Duncan Bannatyne Walks Into A Bar…

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One of the fascinating things about politics is politicians saying things when they really do not seem to know what they are talking about.

The latest nonsense (containing ‘no surprises’ – a wonderful euphemism for *Money for old rope*?)  on the  No win No Fee concept  from Lord Young seems to predicate change which will leave us roughly where we are at the moment – a classic British fudge… but I could be wrong.  Do, please, read this excellent Guardian article from Des Collins…

It is a curious business.  People do get injured.  A lot of people can’t afford lawyers.  The No Win, No Fee concept gives people a chance of getting proper legal advice – and, yes, it may well lead to a few *chancers* gaming the system – and we should give some protection to those who do the *Good Samaritan* bit… but…… only up to a point – what if they actually cause more harm?

I shake my head in wonder and amazement….   I do hope they give Lord Young and his remarkable bow tie – something else to keep him occupied.

Ending the ‘compensation culture’ is not as simple as it seems

Guardian: Lord Young’s health and safety report shows that balancing the rights of defendants and claimants is a delicate business

I just loved this extract from Des Collins’ rather good article. Des Collins is a practising solicitor, so on that premise, I am more than happy to put forward the entirely radical idea that he may well know what he is talking about!

How and over what period are these recommendations to be implemented nationwide? Much of the primary legislation needed would find little favour with Brussels. Even if much of this were to reach the statute book, it is likely that the level of discretion which would remain with the courts would leave matters not wholly different from where they stand at present.




Lawyerwatch has some interesting points on this…

Some Common Sense on Compensation Culture

Lord Young’s report Common Sense and Common Safety is out. It speaks of a common sense approach to health and safety and takes the usual swings at greedy lawyers and claims management companies. Tempting as it is, I am not going to dissect the report line by line, instead I wanted to emphasise some points where Lord Young is plainly speaking sense. For my first point I draw you attention to page 19:“The problem of the compensation culture prevalent in society is, however, one of perception rather than reality.”

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