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Law Review: The Party is OVER!

Ditch legal aid for ‘planes and trains’, chairman tells Bar conference

Solicitors Journal

In a speech subtitled ‘There’s no more money’, Bar Council chairman Nicolas Green QC has urged barristers to distance themselves from legal aid work.

Green’s calls to modernise, made at the annual Bar conference, included orders for publically funded sets as well as “smug, complacent” barristers to seek work abroad instead.

“I regret to say – because doing publicly funded work is a noble cause – that the Bar will need to diversify away from legal aid work,” Green told members of the Bar on Saturday.

“This is inevitable and many sets are now doing just this. The reality is that legal aid will shrink significantly and there will be long-term pressure on rates.”

With apologies to Donald Duck…. who didn’t take to waterboarding like a f**k….

George W Bush claims UK lives ‘saved by waterboarding’


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