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Who Do You Remember…?

I like @RAFairman – an enthusiastic and very friendly tweeter.  He is training ready to deploy to Afghanistan in a Joint Organisation with the Army in 2011.  A pleasure to host his piece – but I have extracted only the first paragraphs because I would like you to go to his blog to read the rest of it!

It’s Remembrance Day. At 11 am on the 11th Day of the 11th Month we come together to remember the fallen of all wars.

Today, as I am working with the Army right now we paraded in the local church for a short service of Remembrance.  And of course during this service there was the two minutes silence.  And during this I remembered.

I come from a military family, I am a third generation serviceman. Myself and my brother are/were in the RAF, my dad served in the RAF and my Grandfather served in the Army.  And he served in the First World War.  Fortunately he made it through the war, but died in 1956, years before I was ever born…

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And, on 11th November Oedipus Lex was a guest on my blog with a strong piece of writing.

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And this from @suzannemoore197 which I enjoyed reading on the student protests… it had a touch of compassion and common sense about it.  It may not appeal to some  Daily Mail readers and….I quite the idea of looking at realities and facts…. how many of the 50,000 students were violent?… not that many..and were all those who were violent, students?

Stick-wielding Leftie yobs? Not the lovely boys I met at the pub

Are our students taught how to demonstrate properly? Do they understand what a riot is? Do they know the historical context of this British tradition?

I do hope so – and, indeed, if they are ALL doing media studies they will find that every cliche in the book has been mindlessly lobbed at them.

What happened on Wednesday has been ­spoken of breathlessly as both the beginning of the revolution and the collapse of Western civilisation.

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Neuberger endorses accreditation scheme

The Law Society Gazette

The master of the rolls has given judicial backing to the proposed quality assurance for advocates (QAA) scheme, saying judges are the ‘ultimate consumers’ of advocacy services and are well placed to assess quality.

Speaking at the Bar Council’s annual conference, Lord Neuberger defended the proposal for judicial evaluation in the QAA scheme for criminal advocates.

He said quality advocacy is essential to the proper administration of justice, and that without it the adversarial system could not operate efficiently, effectively or fairly.

‘It should be entirely unsurprising then that judges strongly support the quality assurance scheme and judicial involvement in the assessment process,’ he said. ‘Judges are the ultimate consumers of advocacy services. They are supplied with those services every day and are well placed to tell which advocates are good and which are not. As such, they are essential to the quality assurance process.’

Last month, the Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates (SAHCA) expressed concern about the ‘over-reliance’ on judicial evaluation, pointing out that judges have historically demonstrated a bias towards the bar. However, Neuberger said any bias was ‘unacceptable’ and had no place in such a scheme.

Today Michael Robinson of Emmersons Solicitors attended the SAHCA conference on the issue – and, using twitter for a very useful purpose for lawyers – tweeted key points throughout the day…  There are too many tweets to post here…. but here is a pdf of all the tweets extracted from @Emmersonslaw twitter time line on the subject.  With Twitter… you have to start at the bottom of the page and work up…. as the most recent tweets are at the top.It isn’t the neatest document I have produced because I had to delete a great deal of twitter code – but all the tweets are there and fairly quickly after the event.

It makes fascinating reading.

Download pdf of tweets

Look at tweets direct from timeline of @Emmersonslaw (You may have to scroll down if Emmersonslaw has tweeted subsequent to you reading this post)

Hat Tip to Michael Robinson for giving us all a flavour of discussion at what is a very important issue for advocates..

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Yesterday Twitter sparked into action and #Iamspartacus and #twitterjoketrial trended all day – and is still trending.  @JackofKent (aka David Allen Green – Paul Chambers’ lawyer) reports that some 20,000 + tweets of the now famously  infamous @pauljchambers tweet about East Midlands airport being ‘blown sky high’  have been recorded.  Jackofkent commented that he may have 20k+ clients if the CPS decides to prosecute everyone who tweeted the original ‘menacing tweet’.

Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!! #IAmSpartacus

The  judge on appeal used the concept of the sensitive old/ordinary couple – another entirely imaginary device in the fine tradition of the *Man on the Clapham Omnibus* to justify her judgment – although, to be fair, I haven’t had the opportunity of reading this judgment.  Has it been published anywhere? [I am advised by Jackofkent that it may just have been a ‘sensitive couple’ and not ‘older couple’  as I have seen reported on the net/twitter – One must be accurate….. but there is nothing to stop an imaginary  sensitive couple being older as in pic…. – I will await JoK’s confirmation of this from transcript – Have amended pic and header accordingly! – The judge may have said *ordinary person / couple…..]

‘I am Spartacus’ goes viral on Twitter

“I am Spartacus” became one of the most used phrases in the world on Friday as thousands of Twitter users protested against the conviction of a man found guilty of threatening to blow up an airport on the microblogging site.


This *case celebre* ain’t going to go away quietly. Concerts for Paul are now being planned.  There is a Twitterjoketrial fund and Stephen Fry has said he will pay Paul Chambers’ fine.

Time, I think for politicians to step in and have a long hard look at s.127…and time for the deft hand of a Red or Appeal judge(s)  to ‘review’ it?

One tweeter has even written an ‘Open Letter’ to the trial judge….


BLOG: An open letter to judge Jacqueline Davies http://bit.ly/cqljEW #TwitterJokeTrial
And here is another Open letter

The story even made the New York Times, The Times (The editorial is reported as being favourable to Paul Chambers), Guardian etc etc  and it will, no doubt, make the Sundays.

Careless Talk…

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