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Blawg Review #290 by Pink Tape is up… and it is excellent.

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Blawg Review, supervised by *The Mysterious Ed of Blawg Review* was, initially, US centric.  Now bloggers from other jurisdictions are invited to take part.  I have done five..and, despite saying I would do no more last year… I cannot, now, imagine the post Christmas week without writing for Blawg Review on the first edition of the new year… so, like our esteemed DEAR LEADER, Kim Il Clegg.. I went back on my pledge. Mea culpa!

I enjoyed reading this Blawg Review…and I shall work on my tactics with the ducks…and if you want to find out what that means… you’ll just have to read Pink Tape’s most enjoyable  Blawg Review

PS… I nicked the twitter pic from UK Human Rights blog – I go there a lot…you may wish to as well….

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Legal aid clampdown will save £300 million

The Telegraph: Sweeping cuts to the legal aid budget which will greatly reduce the number of people entitled to assistance are to be unveiled within days.

Lawyers will, I hope, know that Mr Justice Darling was responsible for the famous aphorism….. back in the early part of the 20th century if I recall.. 1920?… not that I was there then… but I am this time around…. and it doesn’t look great for access to *Justice*.

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