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In the meantime… have a look at this video and see if you think Police acted wisely with the use of horses?


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The Sun – NICK Clegg has told pals he “may be toast” in a year’s time – as the Lib Dems’ taste of power backfires on him.

The Sun

I have spent a happy half hour online looking at toasters.  I have never bought a Christmas present for a politician.  I think I should do so once… in the spirit of those *Things to do before one dies* articles which fill Sunday newspaper magazines….

I’m thinking a Delonghi.…. well… he hasn’t had Delonghi in the job to give his party a ‘Haircut’ in the polls…. why wait until next year?

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Charon After Dark news round up with the Drinking Forecast added (if you have not heard it before)

Listen to Charon After Dark


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