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I thought I would kick off with two sporting matters – first, a remarkable first over in The Ashes match last night  – I am one of many staying up much of the night watching and tweeting – when three of Australia’s top batsmen were out within but 3-4 balls showing a remarkable scoreline which could have been 12-4 had a catch not been dropped shortly after.  England are ahead.

This prompted me to tweet…

I am a bit worried.. if we don’t get a wicket soon… #Wicketleaks will start leaking adverse information about our cricket skills #ashes

The second, of course, was the decision of a corrupt FIFA to award the games to Russia, outed as a ‘Mafia state’ by Wikileaks earlier in the day.  Well… they do say that birds of a feather flock together.

I would, however, to echo the sentiment of many, prefer to have a free media than kow-tow to FIFA.  Full marks to Cameron, Prince William, Becks et al for trying.  The Sun raged…..this morning about FIFA BUNGS games to Russia.   It doesn’t bother me personally – I don’t follow football, but I do know many were disappointed… or “Gutted and sick as a parrot”…as the old saying goes.

Guido Fawkes notes…

+ + + Chaytor Pleads Guilty + + +

The second former Labour MP in court today has pleaded guilty to false accounting for a sum of around £13,000 in mortgage interest.

UPDATE: Guido smells a plea bargain, he will be sentenced on January 7th. When considering sentencing let’s not forget the Fees Office clerk who “came up with a “carefully executed fraud” for £6,000 and was sent down for nine months. One rule for us…

And, as a warning to MPs to clean up election campaigns – to at least the point of being able to distinguish insult for lies and misrepresentation…. Phil Woolas says legal fight has hit ‘end of the road’

Hopefully, we won’t have another round of MPs and kneejerking political bloggers complaining that democracy is being undermined by ‘unelected judges’.  Judges apply the laws put in front of them.  Laws are made by Parliament.  Sometimes MPs manage to get into Parliament without resorting to lies and serious misrepresentation.  I am not holding my breath.  There does seem to be a tendency for conservative (and Labour)  political bloggers to be the first to scream about being tough on Law & Order and then rant about unelected judges… we shall see.  Perhaps they have something else to occupy them today…

UK Human Rights Blog has an excellent and  sensible analysis:

Analysis: Woolas loses election court challenge, court clarifies constitutional role

It would not be Christmas without a ‘Pissed Santa’ story….

Drunk Santa caught on CCTV urinating and falling over repeatedly

One Santa in Germany must now be regretting indulging in a few too many festive drinks, as a video has emerged on the internet showing him urinating in a car park and falling over.

The Metro does warn about not showing the excellent video to ‘younger people’. Not being a ‘younger person’ I did find it very amusing…truly astonishing!

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