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In the wake of the ‘seriously pissed Santa’ of yesterday’s advent calendar post, I am pleased to be able to report that stupidity is not unknown on our shores. I spent nearly a year living in Chatham Maritime, overlooking the old naval basins and near the dockyard where HMS Victory was built.  I am not, however, surprised to read that a woman in Chatham telephoned 999 to report to Police that someone had stolen her snowman.

I am thoroughly enjoying #Ashes – sitting up watching the cricket, and reading the tweets of fellow cricket fans under the #Ashes hashtag .  Last night, being possessed of a real cricket ball, I chalked some stumps on the inside of my front door and took to bowling at those chalked stumps from the drawing room, down the short hall. No neighbours were harmed, nor was the door, by this rather curious activity.   I am pleased to report that I got a hat trick.  England are in a comfortable position of 317/2 having bowled the Aussies out for 245 on Day One. Punter…has a problem….so life is not all bad!

Always a pleasure to see a serious writer – Alex Massie of The Spectator – writing in such an august journal about other ‘important’ things in life…cricket.  An enjoyable article

Being that this is supposed to be a law blog… I am more than happy, even on a Saturday, to shoehorn a bit of law in…

Legal aid lawyers were struggling even before the cuts

But.. I won’t overdo it… so here is a choice morsel for your delectation and delight… from..where else?…RollonFriday:

Scottish courts to open on Saturdays to deal with piss-heads

And finally… this is a very enjoyable film!

Warning… not office safe!  🙂  Barking!

Matt Whistler’s Merry Christmas 2010 Southover Street Brighton

Back tomorrow… have a good weekend…

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