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It being a law blog, I should shoehorn a bit of law into the Advent calendar – so, first up, legal history in the making as the judge in the Assange bail application today permits live tweeting of the proceedings. Freelance troublemaker, reporter, author, Heather Brooke (her description of herself on Twitter!) is live tweeting from the Assange bail application today, as is Times correspondent  Alexi Mostrous

Head of Legal blogger, Carl Gardner, notes that I did a podcast with him on Assange yesterday.

Convicted judge swears and walks out of court

The Independent: A judge swore and stormed out of court today when she was convicted of failing to control her dangerous dog.

Judge Beatrice Bolton, of Rothbury, Northumberland, strode out when the verdict was announced, branding the decision “a f****** travesty”.

The 57-year-old was found guilty by a judge sitting at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court of allowing her pet German Shepherd to bite 20-year-old Frederick Becker, her neighbour.

Judge Bolton was heard yelling “I’ll never set foot in a court again” from outside the courtroom.

Judge Bolton, who was asked by the court usher during the two-day-trial to stop chewing gum, had denied a single charge under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Well well…. somewhat unusual behaviour by a judge – chewing gum?…in court?  Whatever next?

The floggers, hangers and honourable members who probably cannot wait for water cannons to be deployed against sundry students and anarchists are not happy with Ken Clarke, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice….


Tory pack rounds on Ken Clarke

You don’t always have to agree with people to recognise their value. And if Tory sectarians can’t see the point of Clarke, they will be in trouble sooner rather than later…..

UK’s first Twitter law firm launched

One of the country’s top legal entrepreneurs has launched the UK’s first Twitter Law firm, giving free legal advice on individual cases that have been tweeted to him in just 140 characters.

Nicholas Jervis, who was a solicitor for 14 years before founding marketing firm Loyalty Law, set up Twitter Firm @thelegaloracle, in a bid to make the law accessible to thousands of Brits who find the legal process too complicated and intimidating.

Student fees protest: lawyers launch legal challenge to kettling

Guardian: Kettling breaches human rights, lawyers for five student fees demonstrators tell Metropolitan police commissioner

Apparently, there are plans for students to kettle police in their lair at Scotland Yard… or did I just take too much of the juice of the gods last night and imagine or dream this?

Youth crime has fallen, report suggests

The Law Society Gazette reports….. I don’t watch X Factor, but I do enjoy the manic tweets on Twitter about it under the #xfactor hashtag and have come to the conclusion that it would be interesting to know if the crime rate dropped during the X Factor show…nothing would surprise me.

And here is a cartoon I like from Charles Fincher a talented US lawyer and fellow artist. We tweet on Twitter.

And… if you are not Assanged out…. do have a listen to the two podcasts I have done on Assange and Wikileaks with Mark Stephens (Julian Assange’s lawyer) and Carl Gardner.

My Thanks to Accident Advice Helpline who are now sponsoring my free law materials for students on Insite Law magazine

And Bail is granted to Assange on conditions… next hearing 11th January. Alan Rusbridger, Guardian editor, tweets that prosecutors have two hours to appeal bail decision…

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I am a fan of Legal Week and did some writing for their Legal Village section last year. Now Alex Novarese, the editor, is inviting law bloggers to participate (and get a wider audience for their writing) by getting involved in Legal Village.   I think this is great – we are not in competition with each other as bloggers and we are certainly not in competition with the major legal news journals like Legal Week.

I did like this… from Alex Novarese…

For me it started in a waiting room at Kingston Crown Court. Having been called up for jury service just before Christmas last year, I was forced to spend nine days in wintry February shuttling between a room that looked like a small airport departure lounge and a courtroom. I know a lot of people see the idea of jury service as fascinating, but personally I found being lawfully detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure as a captive audience for a bunch of lawyers about as welcome as a root canal procedure. The court stuff is fine, but all that hanging around…

Anyway, as the mind-numbing boredom set in, I started whiling away the hours reading legal blogs on a BlackBerry, while also discovering the weird and compulsive world of the Twitterverse. That starting point led to a growing interest in legal bloggers, not to mention an unhealthy obsession with what Charon QC was doing at three in the morning.

Say what you like about bloggers, but to a world-weary journalist, they sound fresh in comparison to the bland diction of traditional media.


Alex Novarese is looking for bloggers… read the article in Legal Week and get in touch with him.

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