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I am rather concerned that a lot of tweeters and bloggers, some who ought to know better, are pumping out congratulatory messages to bloggers et al  who are writing about the rape allegations in the Assange case.

I have no idea whether Assange is or is not guilty of anything. As I write, he has not been charged with anything.  The Swedish prosecutor wishes to interrogate him on the allegations being put to determine whether charges should be brought.  I am advised, having talked to a Swedish lawyer this afternoon, that they have a fair and liberal legal system in Sweden which operates much like our own.  The prosecution has to put a case and prove it. A verdict will be reached.  If a person is convicted, punishment will follow as prescribed by their laws. If a person is not guilty, they are released.

Until the  Swedish courts determine this issue, should they be called upon to do so – I would rather let due process take its part in the matter of the entirely separate matter of rape allegations in relation to Mr Assange.  Wikileaks is a separate matter.  As yet, the United States has not put any charges to Mr Assange.  They may well not be able to do so.  We shall see.

So… comforting though it may be to be seen to support Mr Assange by heaping adulation on bloggers and journalists who are outraged about matters in relation to Mr Assange – I would venture to suggest, at the risk of being pilloried, that it is best to let due process proceed?


Of course, I accept that this attitude may be so last century as to be risible… but there we are….

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It is Christmas…. so I suppose we should show good cheer to all men and women. First up for your delectation and delight is this truly astonishing flash mob ‘production’…. [ Hat Tip to @Legal_Week ]

On December 15, 2010 at 1:30 p.m., a group made primarily of Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP (Blakes) articling students, and a few partners, associates and staff, performed a Flash Mob dance at the Commerce Court food court in Toronto, to the song “I’ve Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas!

You may watch the video here – if nothing else it could be a most useful warning to practitioners who think they have better ideas than their marketing professionals !

Fellow law blogger Legal Bizzle has an excellent Christmas story for you…

A jar of humbugs: an in house lawyer’s Christmas

And….Lord Sugar does it again. I do like @Lord_Sugar… The Apprentice has been excellent this year and his bitchfight with Piers Morgan on twitter over followers and his truly relentless plugging of his book is amusing.  Apparently there is a spoof Lord Sugar.  Unfortunately, Lord Sugar appeared to send this message to himself!  I checked the link.  He did!

AND…since I am here… I rather liked this story…..from a newspaper that you may not read that often or at all…

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Every month, the IPso Jure podcast brings you the latest developments across the whole of intellectual property in the UK, the European Union and often elsewhere too. Listeners seem to like it: patent attorney Nia Roberts wrote:

It’s not like listening to a lecture at all, more like sitting having a conversation with a very knowledgeable (and funny) friend … You have a very clear way of putting things and a very reassuring voice, and I like the way you maintain your enthusiasm throughout.

Accredited by the SRA, each programme is worth an hour’s CPD. Barristers can count it as unaccredited CPD – BSB approval would break the bank.
Visit www.ipsojure.co.uk to download a sample programme and to order a subscription (£240 per year plus VAT).

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