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While some like honours and awards, I do not care for them. I like even less, organisations riding off the back of the work of others with their idiotic ranking systems. I came across Wikio tonight.    I despise ranking systems for blogs and I will have no part of it.  I will, however, do all I can to encourage blog writing… but not blog *anking.  (Many excellent serious Law blogs are NOT on Wikio…thankfully)  I do not include fun awards from fellow bloggers in my criticism….

I value those who take time to read and comment, whether they agree with my thoughts  and views or not.  I have learned much from reader comments and from other bloggers. The only award I have on my blog is one I gave to myself – and even then, modestly, only awarded myself second place…. The Totally Pissed Blog award – a homage to Total Politics!

There we are….this blog is and always will be… a Wikio free zone…..

I am looking forward to seeing Vince Cable’s *Command* performance on Strictly Come Dancing on iPlayer. @Loveandgarbage on twitter tells me that he jumped out of a box in a tuxedo and observed… “A curious thing for a Minister of The Crown to do”.  Can’t argue with that.

Not to be outdone… Gordon Brown came into my mind….

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