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F**kART: Dark Tuscan Sky 2010

Dark Tuscan Sky 2010
Acrylics and Dulux paint on Board

I went to Tuscany several times in the 1990s.  I enjoyed visiting this part of Italy – but I would have enjoyed it more had the skies been dark and slightly surreal.  I found an old photograph, drank some of Infobunny’s Damson Gin and some wine and painted.  Still not quite finished….. as I may make the sky even darker.  Doing the poppies was fun…. applied  with a cake icing bag full of undiluted Crimson RED as I wanted them to stand out on the board surface!  (Sky was Dulux paint mixed up applied with spray gun  – Obviously had to do that first. So.. if I want darker sky… a lot of brushwork ahead of me…. time consuming)

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Many of you won’t be getting awards this year. Most of us will not get a Knighthood…or even the  MBE…. despite all we do for our country.  There are so many absurd awards at this time of year… so why be left out?!

Help yourself to *THE CHARON QC Drinking & Blogging Award 2010*. The good news?  You don’t need to be a blogger… but I would be pleased if you had the occasional glass of what you fancy.  Feel free to exhibit on your blog…or even print it out and show people down at the pub…. all yours!

I have even awarded one to myself… but regular readers will know that I award myself honours and awards when I feel like it.




Delighted that Barbed Wire Bouquet has taken a Charon QC Award!


And a fair few others….. go on…. help yourself!

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