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Law Review: Back to legal work

The UK Human Rights blog has an interesting post on Employment Law and, in particular, Employment Tribunals: “Legal parasites feeding on small businesses” or protectors of rights?

The future of the employment tribunal system is under review by the coalition government, and the players who are to win and lose from the changes are setting out their positions.

Depending on where you stand, the employment tribunal system is either a refuge for greedy lawyers and scurrilous claimants, or an essential bulwark against workplace abuses. In reality, like the rest of the court system, it can be both but is usually something in between. As such, the coalition should consider its options carefully, and listen to both sides of the debate, before making any decisions on reform.

The employers have been putting their case this week. In a debate on this morning’s BBC Radio 4 Today program (listen here), the Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) John Cridland said that the current system of employment tribunals is “broken” and that “everybody other than the lawyers lose”……”

Professor Richard Moorhead responds to points made on Radio 4 this morning….

Employment Tribunals: Weighted Against Employers?

The Today programme on Radio 4 ran a story this morning dealing with whether employment tribunals are used to extort settlements from employers. Adam Wagner has already posted a thoughtful response here. Some of the assumptions relied on in the programme were questionable. Having conducted some research in the area (see here, here and here), I share some of the important facts as I see them…

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Congratulations to David Allen Green, lawyer and author of the Jack of Kent blog. David is one of the Hot 100 in The Lawyer. There are some interesting lawyers mentioned in this list and it is worth a read…and so is this thought provoking piece by David Allen Green: Ten years of the “War on Terror”

Chris Dale of the E-Disclosure project picks up on Richard Susskind’s predictions for 2011: Richard Susskind’s law firm technology predictions for 2011

Judicial Assistant

The Ministry of Justice: Applications are invited for Judicial Assistants to Lords Justices of Appeal.  Judicial Assistants assist Lords Justices in the preparation and analysis of appeals and applications in the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice, London. The posts involve working closely with members of the Court of Appeal and provide an opportunity for lawyers showing potential and at an early stage of their careers, to observe and assist in significant cases….

This post may well be of great interest to a recently qualified solicitor or barrister and, I would have thought, a fascinating experience.  remuneration isn’t bad either at £11.00 per day.

Nick Clegg may have to back down on scrapping control orders

Guardian: Lib Dem leader said to be willing to compromise after failing to strike deal with Theresa May on detention of suspected terrorists

AND… it is goodbye….

….to asbos

The Guardian: Antisocial behaviour orders are no more. It’s a real loss for fans of daft stories in newspapers

And… if you are thinking of moving.. or a career change in the not to distant future…. may I draw your attention to an interesting new service……

Law Review: The legal recruitment process is changing…

I like innovative ideas. I like ideas that approach practical problems in a different way and, I have to admit, I like Just Go Direct. Have a look…..

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