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From:  Henry Offthewall, Director of Marketing

To: The Partners


1.  Please find attached a draft advertisement to attract a new client base. 

2.  I read this in The Law Society Gazette and I quote it in full for your attention and perusal

Good will hunting

Law Society Gazette: Thursday 13 January 2011As any wills and probate solicitor knows only too well, a shocking proportion of the population has never made a will (two-thirds of Britons do not have a valid will according to a recent survey by unbiased.co.uk). So law firms will be only too pleased that a new BBC documentary fronted by a City solicitor is set to raise the profile of this issue. Withers partner Sue Medder (pictured) will be presenting Can’t Take It With You, with business expert Sir Gerry Robinson (also pictured), a six-part series revealing the emotional human stories stemming from intestacy. The first episode will be aired tomorrow on BBC2; solicitors can expect the phone to start ringing in the wills and probate department next week.

3.  I understand that The Firm does not have a general will drafting department; but having spoken to James Rutland-Cayman of our Monaco office, who heads the Tax Planning Unit for The Astonishingly Wealthy,  it does seem that there may be opportunities for The Firm to provide a general service to members of the public who are thinking of dying in the not too distant future.

4.  It seems that the matter or Wills (and/or lack of) is attracting interest at the highest levels in the legal profession and, indeed, from the Regulator of regulators for the legal profession, The Legal Standards Board.  I quote from this snippet of intelligence from The Law Society Gazette dated Thursday 09 December 2010 by James Dean:

Mystery shoppers to test will-writers

Mystery shoppers will test the service provided by will-writers early next year, as part of a Legal Services Board project.

Research agency IFF Research has been commissioned by the LSB, the Legal Services Consumer Panel and the Office of Fair Trading to recruit individuals to report back on their experience of getting a will, which will then be assessed by a panel of solicitors and will-writers.

IFF will select 100 consumers looking to obtain a will. Of these, 40 will use a solicitor, 40 will use a will-writer, and 20 will write their own will using an online provider or paper-based DIY will.

5.  With all the free publicity being generated by television, radio shows and even sundry and  itinerant law bloggers, it seems to me that we could outsource much of this work to an agent, brand it under our general purpose vehicle Megaladon LLP and make a killing, if you forgive the metaphor.  There are opportunities for a Death Planning Black Card service for high net worth individuals who, as yet, have not drafted their will because they believe that they can ‘take it with them’.

6.  I welcome your thoughts on the matter

Henryoffthewall, Director of Marketing

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Today, as part of my series on legal education, I am talking to Ashley Connick who is on the Postgraduate Diploma in Law course at The College of Law.

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