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With one former MP in prison, another about to be sentenced to a stretch (probably),  and trials coming up for several more MPs and a peer, The Sunday Times reported this morning that the CPS has a few more files to deal with…including a file on the expenses of Nadine Dorries MP.  Ms Dorries denies any wrongdoing.

Six MPs face new fraud allegations

A disgraced Labour MP is understood to have highlighted expenses claims by other members which he believes were similar to his own

Sunday Times reports… (subscription required)

News of the World phone hacking: now Paul Gascoigne is ready to sue

The Observer: “Tabloid newspaper’s actions said to have hindered recovery of vulnerable footballer as he deals with alcohol and drug problems”

The net may well be closing in on the truth behind the News of The World #Metgate phone hacking issue.

News Corporation braces itself for fresh phone-hacking lawsuits

Media Guardian: Paul Gascoigne among celebrities planning to sue as Met police release extracts from private investigator’s notebooks

The political pressure is likely to intensify on Tuesday when Labour MP Tom Watson asks the government’s top legal adviser, attorney general Dominic Grieve, to make a statement to parliament about his department’s handling of the phone-hacking affair.

European law needs parliament’s approval, but MPs want to spell it out

Joshua Rozenberg in The Guardian: Time is spent debating the obvious because the government suspects judges might try to erode parliamentary sovereignty.

An interesting article, but I do have sympathy with the position Rozenberg adopts. As Rozenberg stated in his article..“If parliament is sovereign, there is no need to reaffirm it. If it is not, then reaffirming it will not make it so.”


David Allen Green, on his Jack of Kent blog, has an interesting post on The Nuremberg trial of Goering

Interestingly…After the war, and to his credit, Maxwell-Fyfe helped write the European Convention on Human Rights.  Sadly, however, he then became one of the most illiberal Home Secretaries and Lord Chancellors in modern British history.” Read more….

What to do with your law intern

Alex Aldridge in The Guardian: Employers are under pressure to up their game when it comes to temporary placements

When courts and politics collide

Michael White in The Guardian: The case that triggered the Oldham byelection highlights the way in which courts are now getting involved in all sorts of matters that were once the exclusive domain of politics

Is Michael White right in his subtle, implicit, assertion that the courts and parliament are about to enter a period of ‘conflict’….

“Disgraced MPs were clearly wrong to try and use parliamentary privilege to escape criminal charges over expenses. But courts are getting involved in all sorts of matters which were once the exclusive domain of politics, including the power to trigger (or deny) a general election if the coalition’s five-year fixed-term parliament bill becomes law. This week’s Tory-led revolt over the EU referendum bill was also one of parliament versus the courts.”

Interesting article and well worth a read.

I missed this interesting article in The Lawyer Top judges to take centre stage in busy year for the Supreme Court. Here is The Lawyer’s pick of the trials to watch out for in the ­coming months.

And..finally… I have no hesitation in recommending an excellent blog / website for those of you interested in analysis of judgments from The United Kingdom Supreme Court: The UKSC Blog

It must be a first port of call for analysis of Supreme Court judgments…..

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