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An interesting news day with Blair at Chilcot and Andy Coulson a goner. The ravening horde are now asking… Why Oh Why did David Cameron appoint him in the first place? ..question of judgement….blah…blah…..

David Allen Green….. (aka JackofKent) may have a SCOOP!

What did Dominic Mohan say in 2002?

Dominic Mohan is now editor of the Sun, and in 2002 he was editing its showbusiness column.

In the Guardian on 1 May 2002, there appeared an intriguing paragraph in a report about “showbusiness journalism’s most glamorous event, the Princess Margaret Awards – aka the Shaftas“….

You’ll have to go to The Staggers to read the rest….. !

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It’s client care, but not as we know it – do law firms need professional account managers?

Tim Bratton is general counsel of the Financial Times and blogs at thelegalbratblawg. Click here to follow Tim on Twitter

An interesting article by Tim published by Legal Week:  Read

Warning over ‘regulatory ambush’

The regulators and the regulator of regulators are busy… but The Law Society is expressing concern….

The Law Society Gazette reports:

Lawyers could face a ‘regulatory ambush’ if a radical overhaul of the solicitors’ rulebook goes ahead without a ‘change in culture’ at the profession’s regulator, the Law Society has warned.

In a response to the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Architecture of Change consultation, which closed last week, Chancery Lane said it has ‘substantial concerns’ about the proposals and the regulator’s capacity to introduce them on such a short timescale.

The SRA is planning to introduce so-called ‘outcomes-focused regulation’ to coincide with the next phase of Legal Services Act 2007 reforms this October. The new regime will be based on broad principles rather than the current detailed rulebook, and is intended to give firms greater freedom in how they comply with their regulatory obligations, with the onus on self-reporting.

While the diamond geezer who runs Barclays Bank told a Commons Select Committee that it was time for banks to stop apologising (and then, promptly, had to apologise for his Bank misselling products and take a hit with a large fine) I have often wondered how lawyers managed to escape censure in the great recession toxic banking products scandal which wrecked the global economy.  John Flood has an interesting blog post on this very topic:

How Have the Lawyers Escaped Culpability?

Obiter J writes…. “It has been an interesting few days in London.  Protesters in Parliament Square have been given letters stating that legal action will be taken against them if they continue to obstruct pavements – see  BBC 17th January.  Of course, Ministers are on record as saying that these protesters have to be cleared away so that they do not spoil the Royal wedding procession (Telegraph 25th November 2010).  Meanwhile, it seems that peers of the realm have been camping within the House of Lords – see BBC 18th January.  Peers allied to the Labour Party have opposed the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill which seeks to reduce the number of Parliamentary Constituencies from 650 to 600 and to change to the “Alternative Vote” (AV) system. …

Read: Campers in Parliament Square and in Parliament … Sentencing of Edward Woollard … Prisoners voting

And… in Breaking Labour Party news……. Alan Johnson resigns and the press speculate about his Police protection officer having an affair with Johnson’s wife. Close protection taking on an altogether different meaning if true…

Coulson’s resignation must not be seen as the end of the hacking scandal

The Guardian Greenslade blog states: “So, the drip-drip-drip of revelations has finally led Andy Coulson to resign as the prime minister’s director of communications. It is regarded as such big news that it has displaced the planned TV coverage of the Chilton inquiry on both Sky News and the BBC News.”

In David Cameron‘s statement, he said it was due to “pressures” on Coulson……
It is Friday… so it is RollonFriday.com time for the more bizarre news from our profession… this time from the United States…
Pants-dropping lawyer charged with public indecency
An Ohio lawyer who decided to drop his trousers (US: pants) and pants (US: grundles) in a counselling session for teenagers has found himself facing two misdemeanour counts of public indecency……  (The lawyer claimed it was part of an educational programme)
As RoF comments….”Quite what the educational benefits might be of seeing the junk in Walkley’s trunk remains unclear.”

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