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Blawg Review #297: The Hair Shirt Edition

Today marks the 514th anniversary of the notorious Bonfire of the Vanities, when the followers of Dominican Friar Giralamo Savonarola burned a bunch of extraneous stuff in Florence, like books and art. Oh, and cosmetics, lewd pictures, mirrors, nude sculptures, and a few people. Savonarola was one severe dude, who railed against excesses and told “lustful people to put on a hair shirt and do penance, because you need it.”


Most enjoyable…. read it?

A very interesting article in The Guardian:

George Bush: no escaping torture charges

The Guardian: Sooner or later, Bush will step into a country where he will be prosecuted for authorising the abuses of the ‘war on terror’

Late last year, former US President George W Bush recounted in his memoir, Decision Points, that when he was asked in 2002 if it was permissible to waterboard a detainee held in secret CIA custody outside the United States, he answered “damn right”. This “decision point” led to the waterboarding of that person 183 times in one month. Others were waterboarded, as well.

Waterboarding is torture. In the past, the US prosecuted and convicted Japanese officials who waterboarded US and allied prisoners. US Attorney General Eric Holder has unequivocally stated that waterboarding is torture.


Sauce for the goose is sauce for the….?

Paul Waugh is referring to Assange’s lawyer, Mark Stephens.  The coverage of the extradition hearing continues….

Law Society launches legal aid campaign for the public

The Law Society Gazette reports: “The Law Society is to launch a high-profile campaign, ‘Sound off for justice’, this week – aimed at harnessing public opposition to legal aid cuts. The initiative will seek to raise awareness of what the cuts could mean for members of the public, in advance of the 14 February deadline for responses to the government’s legal aid green paper, which will slash £350m from the legal aid budget.A specially designed website for the campaign will go live today, with a wider launch on Friday.

Members of the public will be invited to ‘sound off’ by signing up to the campaign via the website.

Doesn’t appear to be giving the ‘public’ a great deal of time?  Maybe I am missing something.. but February 14th is on Monday next?  I can’t see Chancery Lane being filled with protesters?  We shall see.   So… if you want to “sound off”…whatever that means….. do feel free to do so on The Law Society website…..


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I am, as many are, a fan of Inner Temple’s excellent Current Awareness News Service which I use daily.  It is therefore a pleasure to do some small thing in return and let readers know about…..

Transcripts of Judicial Proceedings in England and Wales: a Guide to Sources

A revised edition of the Inner Temple Library’s 2006 guide to sources of transcripts is now available as a 165-page PDF document.

The guide is intended primarily for those who may need to obtain, or assist others to obtain, transcripts of the proceedings of courts and tribunals in England and Wales.

A major feature of this new edition is its greatly expanded coverage of tribunals. It is hoped that users of the guide may find this particularly useful at a time of change and transition in tribunal administration.

The guide will be available at the special price of £12.99 until March 31st, after which it will be priced at £19.99. These prices are for single-use only.

Further information and details of how to order the guide can be found here

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Supreme Court issues guidance on courtroom twitter use

The Law Society Gazette…….

Should you happen to find yourself undergoing the urge to live tweet from The Supreme Court, you may find these guidelines helpful….

The Supreme Court policy on the use of live text-based communications can be found on its website.

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