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Listening to Radio 4 the other night my mind was captured for a moment by one of the most compelling sounds I have heard in a long time. I heard it again tonight when Mark Tulley’s programme was repeated.  This time I got up to do some research.  I extracted a short section from Mark Tulley’s Radio 4 programme to let you listen as well, should you have missed the programme and wish to hear what I heard tonight.  (I hope the BBC doesn’t mind – but it is a very beautiful piece of music.)  Mark Tulley explains in the brief extract below – and if you wish to find out more about Hanuman – Wikipedia has a fairly detailed piece.

I haven’t been on top form recently following a nasty foot injury and ongoing treatment for another ‘issue’. This programme and the chant by Krishna Das lifted my spirits.  I shall investigate further.

Short extract of Krishna Das Hanuman Chalisa

Here is a link to a YouTube video for a much longer version.

  1. Krishna Das — Sri Ram Chalisa

    From the album ‘Flow of Grace’

    Sounds True (2007), ISBN-10: 1591795494

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