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@Konnolsky sent me the tweet which inspired this….

@Konnolsky Pavel Konnolsky

@Charonqc I think it very difficult without incredible quantity of Raid to make North African country a “no fly” zone


I really can’t help myself with Photoshop…sometimes.

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I see, from Joshua Rozenberg’s article in The Guardian today, that our Ministry of Justice disgraced itself on the matter of the QC appointments.  Perhaps they were too busy slashing away with their machetes at legal aid practitioners storming the barricades to get it right….?

Rozenberg has the story...”The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) found itself pretty much at sea on Tuesday when it named the newly appointed Queen’s counsel. It described them as “Queens’ council”, thus spelling both words wrongly. This was corrected after I had pointed it out on Twitter. But the ministry still listed the new senior lawyers alphabetically rather than in order of seniority, thus diminishing the achievements of those at the very bottom of the list who – having achieved the coveted rank early in their careers – must now be tipped for the very top of their profession.

The MoJ also failed to indicate which of the successful applicants for silk were barristers and which were solicitors. Nor did it list the inns of court of which the new barristers were members, making it harder to draw up the traditional league tables.

There but for the grace of god go I…. Swearing sailor who launched foul-mouthed rants at TV’s Question Time is jailed for upsetting neighbours

The Bizzle writes: How flipping burgers can make you a better lawyer


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Did you know what a Trundlehumper is? No, nor did I….but I do know now because it is one of over 1000 terms defined in Dr Peter Groves’ excellent new Dictionary of Intellectual Property Law.

Today I am talking to solicitor and law blogger Dr Peter Groves, an intellectual property specialist,  about his extraordinary new dictionary on intellectual property and his thoughts on the ever changing legal landscape for IP lawyers.


Peter Groves has his own website Ipso Jure – worth a read if you are in the intellectual property field (or thinking of going into it)

You may, of course, buy the book from Wildy & Sons.  If they don’t have it in stock (Amazon was already out of stock when I looked) Wildy’s are very efficient at ordering and sending out.

  • Hardcover: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd (28 Feb 2011)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 1849807779
  • ISBN-13: 978-1849807777

And…thank you to Justgodirect.com for sponsoring the podcast

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Peeking Behind the Curtain.

The Independent has ‘a’ story… but it is NOT their story.  It is Anna Raccoon’s story…

Mea Culpa! I have long been guilty of boring you all to a state of near death with my tales of the Court of Protection. There was method in my cruelty. I shall not make you suffer much longer – my task is almost complete.

The task I had set myself was to campaign effectively for the Court of Protection to open its doors to public scrutiny, for justice to be seen to be done. More than that, for the legal profession to have adequate access to the ratio that lay behind prior decisions to be able to competently contest those decisions. Our entire legal system rests on lawyers understanding how and why the law has developed in the hands of judges. Without that knowledge they are blindfolded – and without informed legal advice there can be no effective representation in any court….

If you have time.. please read what Anna Raccoon said and go back in her posts….. She did it and she is right to have done so. It really is an important legal story.


Update: I have decided to provide the link to The Indie story..… but it would have been  better if the journalist had Googled ‘Stephen Neary’ before writing his piece..  he may just have found out that others had done some spade work before his story yesterday?  Acknowledgement costs nothing..and attribution is all?

Anna Raccoon states clearly in her blog post: “The court was told that the Uxbridge Gazette, Private Eye, and ‘other publicity’ had already raised the profile of the case. No other media outlet had been prepared to touch it.”

Am I being unfair to the journo? My email address is here if I am

I covered Anna Raccoon’s story at the time: Law Review: Words fail me – a truly shocking story – please read and publicise

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