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James Dean reports in the Law Society Gazette

Baroness Hayter said that the Legal Services Board, LSCP and Legal Ombudsman (LeO) have been told by the Ministry of Justice to take their websites offline and replace them with government-approved sites by 31 March.

Hayter said that the three bodies had been informed by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude of the move in October last year, sparking criticism from those involved. She said that LeO chair Elizabeth France complained to Maude, saying that ‘there was no justification for an ombudsman, set up to demonstrate independence from government regulation and the profession and spending no government money’, being forced to use the government’s .gov web address.

I was under the impression, wholly unjustified it would seem now, that the Tory-led farrago running our country was not in favour of top down control, was not in favour of the nanny state and wanted Big Society.  What possible justification can the government have, therefore, for encroaching on the independence of the Legal Ombudsman and other law quangos by requiring them to toe the line to the rather dull style and content of the government websites?  Why don’t these independent bodies demonstrate their independence by refusing to comply?  Or would that not be that handy when it comes to the annual dishing out the gongs ceremony?

Bad start for bill of rights

Afua Hirsch in The Guardian: If the Tories really want public engagement in the new review, why did they bury the last one?

Afua Hirsch’s article is interesting and worth a read. Another example of government lack of attention to detail?

The seven supposed members of this new commission, including Lib Dem peer Lord Anthony Lester, deny any knowledge of their appointment

The Prince’s Speech

Prince Andrew urged to undergo human rights awareness training

The Guardian: Foreign Office adviser says Duke of York’s close ties with autocracies ‘a classic case of unjoined-up government’

I would have thought that Prince Andrew could do with some Human awareness training.  I can’t remember which newspaper I saw it in… but there was a marvellous cartoon yesterday showing Prince Andrew at his computer looking at his Facebook page with the caption… “You have two new despots”

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