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Pat Long in The Times has written a good piece on law blogging. I am in it… but more importantly…so are many others and the sentiment is encouraging.  Pleasingly, the  mainstream legal papers  (Guardian, Times, Legal Week, Law Society Gazette, The Lawyer) seem happy to engage with bloggers.  This can only benefit all.  The article is behind the Times paywall… but if you have access, it is worth a read.

I was fascinated to read on twitter earlier that Bar Standards Board meetings are open to the public. I will enjoy observing one of their meetings and I shall certainly try and organise this for a future meeting.  Transparency in law and legal matters can only benefit all.  The BSB is on Twitter: @barstandards

And on that theme. Lord Neuberger MR seems quite open to the idea of televising civil proceedings.  The BBC reports: In a speech to the Judicial Studies Board, Lord Neuberger revisited proposals for televising courts which were last raised in 2004.

Lord Neuberger said it was a long-standing legal principle that justice should be done in public – but it also had to be understandable to the public.

“If we wish to increase public confidence in the justice system, transparency and engagement, there is undoubtedly something to be said for televising some hearings, provided that there were proper safeguards to ensure that this increased access did not undermine the proper administration of justice,” he said.

And finally…

Lex2011tweetup: All the leading tweeting lawyers in a bar. How could it not be fun?

Sadly, I could not make it – I was doing a rather long video conference which ended just after 9.00.  (I do sensible work occasionally!)

Great blog article…..

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