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Welcome to the third episode of Without Prejudice: Tonight, I am afraid, I can’t tell you about our guest… in fact, the superinjunction is so harsh, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a guest… but…. I can tell you that David Allen Green and Carl Gardner are at the table…. waiting to discuss libel, privacy, hyperinjunctions, Rough Justice – Miscarriages of Justice, The Lautsi v Italy crucifix case, and we may even have time to discuss expert immunity from suit…and interns.
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[ In the miscarriage of justice part of the podcast: I did mean – “I’d rather see a guilty person getting off than an innocent person  going to prison”… not the other way around –  My apologies. (I do have  to listen very carefully – I do research and read in to subjects, but I  never write prepared questions for any podcasts – I got it the wrong way around tonight) ]


Useful References


Charon: Rough Justice – Denning and the illiberal judiciary?

The Rough Justice programme on iPlayer (while it is available)

The Guardian on Jones v Kaney: After supreme court decision, will other witnesses remain immune?

ZAM v CFW & TFW: “suing for libel in secret”

On Hyperinjunctions: John Hemming MP: abuse of power, and privilege


I’d like to thank Lawtel, WestlawCassons For Counsel, City University Law School David Phillips & Partners Solicitors, Inksters SolicitorsIken, LBC Wise Counsel, Carrs Solicitors,  JMW Solicitors – Manchester, Pannone and Cellmark for sponsoring the podcast  – and the free student materials on Insite Law – appreciated.

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Something sensible…coming later…. but the saga of the schmarketers will continue…. where would we be without their schmooze and schtik on twitter?

In the meantime..you may find this post from The Trial Warrior of interest…

Are You A Legal Expert? Really?

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