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Brian Inkster, writing on The Time Blawg,  has really done the business in his epic UK Blawg Review #6: An interesting and very comprehensive review of UK law blogging from the late 1990s through to the present day.

Thanks for the mention…. although… I really am more *Godfaffer*…than *Godfather*.

As far as I recall, I invented *Charon QC* (Choosing the ferryman  because I rather liked the idea of driving lawyers to Hades) in 2002 and wrote qua Charon on a now defunct magazine I owned then. It was Nick Holmes of Binary Law who persuaded me (rightly) to blog using WordPress.  Before that, I faffed about on the RollonFriday.com discussion board as Brigadier Grappa – and met a lot of amusing people who drank a lot.  I was only too pleased to assist them with their hobby.

Good effort, Brian – and good to see so many new UK law blogs.

Read the UK Blawg Review #6

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