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Bonsoir … Bienvenue aux  The Staterooms .. Je suis  Chef Charon …. avec des étoiles (dix-huit) à mon nom … histoire vraie …

Tonight, after eating boeuf bourguignon to death about a year ago ( I do eat things to death and cannot face them for months after), I shall be dining in splendid isolation, wearing a Panama hat,  at my dining room table eating Boeuf Buggerorf a la Charon.   

For those of  you who would like to eat Boeuf Buggerorf a la Charonhere is a recipe wot I knocked up….

Chef Charon présente Boeuf Bourguignon

I always enjoy writing the Rive Gauche posts on Fridays / Saturdays… tales of the law from the left field.   Today I have a few oddities and a few interesting sane posts to share with you…

First up – a  remarkable story of a US attorney, an associate, who appears to be suing most of the US law  blogosphere who took him to task for his antics.  I know many of the people in the claim through blogging – they are leading US law bloggers – and I have had the pleasure of podcasting with several of them.  It really is an astonishing story.

How Young Lawyers Should NOT Conduct Themselves Online

Do…please.. take time to read this.  It will bring a smile to your face… of this, I am sure.

Courtesy of Mark Bennett, you can read the complaint for yourself of what is already being referred to as Rakofsky v. The Internet.

RollonFriday.com continues to provide amusing examples of law firm behaviour… this is wonderful nonsense…

Exclusive: Top Scots firm launches “league table” of associates’ hours

Morton Fraser is taking the ground breaking step of abolishing annual fee targets. And getting associates to compete with their colleagues instead…

The Scots firm has come up with a new initiative called “peer benchmarking“. The idea is that a league table is created for each level of fee earner, and the aim of the game is to get to the top of it. Rather like the Scottish Premier football league, with possibly more talent but the same number of pitch-side scuffles…….

Read more…

On a rather more sensible note… Wikileaks – The Musical is playing to thousands and may run and run…

David Allen Green, writing in the New Statesman has an excellent SCOOP!

The £12m question: how WikiLeaks gags its own staff

The follow up to this in The Guardian is also worth reading.. from the guy who would not be gagged:  WikiLeaks, get out of the gagging game

I refused to sign Julian Assange’s confidentiality agreement because it would have been not just ironic, but dangerous

James Ball

And not to be outdone.. Alex Novarese, editor of Legal Week, appears to be revising the libel laws of England & Wales single handed with two excellent articles – neither of which are behind a paywall: Libel reform – a hack’s proposal.  I loved the title of the post with the picture of Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian, beside it.  Class!

And also this detailed piece: The death of libel – is the Defamation Bill the beginning of the end for libel lawyers?

Always a pleasure to see new law blogs arriving: Carrefax | a few more legal transmissions to add to the pile and this new Family Law blog – Confessions of a Family Lawyer

AND.. I do like this: Clerkingwell – Observations from a barristers’ clerk. 

While I read the Supreme Court judgment, I got kidnapped by a bottle of Rioja and was forced to watch The Apprentice earlier in the week.  Thankfully Obiter J has done the business with a very good analysis on…

Supreme Court – Compensation for miscarriage of justice cases

I did enjoy this piece on the Magic Circle from Ashley Connick: The Magic Circle Myth? How some applicants miscategorise firms they’re applying to

AND.. this prompted me to cruise ( I don’t surf.. I cruise…) over to Anonymous Assistant: Feudal Bonds

and thence to Magic Circle Minx: What Can Lord Sugar’s Tomato Task Teach Lawyers?

The new Babybarista book is out!.

Tim Kevan is a good friend of mine.  I enjoy reading his regular posts in The Guardian, repeated on his blog.  I enjoyed the first book…and I am thoroughly enjoying the second.   I shall write a review shortly… but I can tell you, three quarters of the way through,  that Babybarista is deliciously venal.  Dr Erasmus Strangelove, director of Psyops, Strategy and Education at Muttley Dastardly LLP is keeping a very close watch….. in fact… it would not surprise me if he is hacking into Babybarista’s mobile as I write.

Available, as they say… at all good bookshops.. but why not buy it from a really good bookshop? Wildy’s – they deliver and are very efficient!  I know this from many personal experiences.

And, of course, no week would be complete without a bit of Max Mosley.  Carl Gardner, author of The Head of Legal blog, has covered the case in detail.  Mosley v UK : “Max Mosley has lost his case in the European Court of Human Rights, in which he claimed that the UK breached his right to respect for private life under article 8 of the ECHR by failing to impose a legal duty on the media to notify him in advance of a story that violated his privacy….”

I did enjoy the bit on BBC  Question Time last night when Max Mosley had finished speaking and Dimbleby said, without a flicker of a smile… “And now we go over to the man in the black shirt”.  Irony is not dead.

Non-lawyers may be baffled to discover that it is a requirement of The Bar that all barristers have to eat 12 dinners before they are allowed to practise law.  Some lawyers find it equally baffling.  (Picture source)

Alex Aldridge has the story behind this in The Guardian:  Barristers’ dinners – a bit of fun or one upper-class indulgence too many?

BUT This.. from Carrefax.. corrects a few (mis)conceptions… all good stuff…

Dinner at the Inns and rebellious bladders

“There are enough misery merchants pedalling doom and gloom about the Bar. Those thinking about entering the profession deserve an accurate and fair picture of it. That includes coverage of the Inns of Court. On this occasion, Alex’s article doesn’t meet that standard.”

Good article…. well worth a read.  Essential if you are think about a career at the Bar
Well.. there we are.. time waits for no man..and certainly not an Eighteen star chef… I have my Boeuf Buggerorf a la Charon  to perfect and  ‘plate’ and then…  I shall dine wearing a Panama hat…. watching the sun set over Chelsea… and there may be a few ducks I can wave at.  I shall be drinking burgundy.

Have a good weekend…

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Lawcast 184: Jon-Paul McTavy founder of Solicitalawyer.co.uk

In a slight departure from my podcasts on the legal profession, where I interview lawyers,  I thought that it would be interesting to talk to the founder of an online directory for lawyers.  Marketing, a presence on Google and a good website are basic requirements for all law firms. While the large City, leading commercial and regional full service law firms have budget for traditional marketing – the smaller firms and sole practitioners may not.

I asked Jon-Paul McTavy, founder of Solicitalawyer.co.uk to describe his directory:

Solicit A Lawyer is a large database of UK based lawyers and solicitors.  The site which started life as a standard database has been heavily modified to ensure I only offer the most up to date information on law firms.  Company owners can add, edit and delete information and are encouraged to do so.  When adding a new listing law firms can choose from a paid ‘premium’ listing or a free listing.  The paid listing is £10 for the year and will give the company profile more advertising on the website along with use of a e-mail contact form and a clickable link to their own website.  Updating the information is a free process as it’s important to ensure correct and accurate information.  Many law firms take advantage and update their information to add in details on which areas of law they cover along with any additional information which they believe will benefit people visiting the site.   The site breaks down the UK into Cities and Towns to try and make it easier for users to find a local Lawyer / Solicitor.  Our top city is of  London which now lists over 1800 firms and is regularly updated by new listings or updated listings but we also cover the much smaller areas to ensure users will find their local law firm.  The long term goal for www.solicitalawyer.co.uk is to have all UK Law firms listed with up to date information.”

Listen to the podcast


And…thank you to Cassons For CounselJustgodirect.co.uk and  David Phillips & Partners Solicitors , Contact Law UK Solicitors

for sponsoring the podcast and the free student materials on Insite Law

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