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Fridays, for me, are a strange mix of weekday and weekend.  I often find that I don’t get many responses to emails and when I call to speak to a client I am often told they are ‘working from home’.  As I don’t wish to be a ‘stalker’, I tend to leave the matter there and not ask if the client is contactable at home.  Sometimes, however, I am given a contact number.  Today, I had the pleasure of ringing the ‘working from home number’ to be told by the client’s young son…”Dad will be back later.. he’s playing tennis.”  15-Love it !

So… a bit of law from the left field….

I did enjoy this story from The Lawyer (HT to @davidallengreen who expressed displeasure at his old firm doing this in a tweet last night)

Herbies defends decision to sell work placement at auction

“Herbert Smith has confirmed that it sold a work placement for £1,150 in a charity auction, despite following a policy of social mobility and equal opportunities for candidates of all backgrounds. Insolvency and restructuring partner Stephen Gale, who is a member of the Pilotlight charity, which aims to alleviate disadvantage, organised the week-long work placement to be offered for auction by the charity last November. The firm’s head of resourcing Peter Chater said Gale had organised the work placement as a one-off informal arrangement for charity.”


Not really a major step forward in diversity?  Dr Erasmus Strangelove, Director of Psyops, Strategy and Education at niche boutique City law firm Muttley Dastardly LLP said today – from his yacht in Monte Carlo:  “We, at Muttley Dastardly LLP, marvel at the antics of our fellow lawyers in the City. Long may it continue… mwahahahaha.”

And then this wonderful piece from Pupillage Blog… remarkable.  Truly remarkable…. 

Pupillage Interviews Going South!

I urge you to read it. 

AND.. the legal profession just continues to give….. 

RollonFriday.com continues to keep a close eye on the aberrant behaviour of lawyers…. with this: BLP email: a translation

Ah, I remember the LPC and the power my future employers had over me. Nothing was more scary than an email appearing in your inbox from them. Was I sacked? Had they made a mistake? Was my employment part of an elaborate practical joke that someone was just too embarrassed to admit?
Which means I did laugh heartily at the BLP article today. I can guarantee this is how they read it…


There is, of course, according to RollonFriday – no connection with the round of redundancy consultations at The College of Law and the £1 million in bonuses being paid to The College of Law board.

A spokeswoman for the College denied that bonuses of £1m had been paid, but wouldn’t give any other figure. She said that the timing of the redundancy announcement “was purely coincidental” and added that “there is no connection between this staffing review… and executive remuneration levels”.

I am a fan of televised court proceedings.  I have enjoyed looking at some of the coverage from The United Kingdom Supreme Court.  I’m not so sure that televising rather ponderous Chancery proceedings or even ‘more interesting’ criminal proceedings will make good television.  It isn’t like Crown Court, Kavanagh QC or Silk – where all the action is over within an hour.  Certainly, I can the see the argument for televising judgments.

Cameras in court: trial by boredom?

David Banks takes up the story in The Guardian:  “TV should be allowed to show trials. But broadcasters, and viewers, will only be interested in the high-profile cases”

Joshua Rozenberg is on the money with a recent article in The Guardian..

Lords to debate whether parliament should scrutinise judicial appointments

It is an interesting and thoughtful piece.  I’m not so sure it is a good idea for Parliament to scrutinise judicial appointments.  We could end up with elected judges – or, possibly, judges becoming ‘politicised’.  I shall do more thinking on this issue before commenting.  It is Friday, after all.

And finally… this from US lawyer and artist Charles Fincher….. I do enjoy his cartoons, observations and art…

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