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Battle for students as LPC take-up dwindles

The Lawyer reports:

“Enrolments on the LPC have plummeted across the market, with the University of Huddersfield ­seeing a 68 per cent drop in student numbers for the 2010-11 academic year. Although Huddersfield was affected the most, it was followed closely by Leeds Metropolitan University’s 62 per cent drop.

Central Applications Board (CAB) figures leaked to The Lawyer show that almost all providers saw ­double-digit drops in ­student numbers (click here for the full results).

The slump comes as ­students are struggling to access funding for the course, which costs £6,000-£12,900, after RBS and NatWest withdrew vital postgraduate loan facilities.”

A 20% drop across the board is more likely – a statistic I recall seeing last  week.  It is unlikely that the lead providers – BPP, College of Law, possibly even Cardiff and NLS –  will see a downturn in recruitment because they enjoy a marketing led advantage, quite apart from  a proven track record of links with law firms for end user recruitment (perhaps better than some other law schools).  It can only be a matter for and of  time, if BPP Law School could not excite sufficient interest in Newcastle,  as reported recently and confirmed (indirectly)  in my podcast with BPP dean, Peter Crisp, last week, before some law schools providing the LPC will start to lose money on their LPC offering and close them down?

The withdrawal of bank loan facilities by RBS and Natwest will have contributed to this.  Will we see law schools arranging or providing finance themselves?   It is not, after all, that  the ‘big boys’  are short of money.

We shall see… soon enough.

After all… law schools are operating a business… and in the advertising world… ‘Rate Card’ is never paid in a buyer’s market 🙂

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