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A truly extraordinary performance by Andy Hayman – who was, before nipping off to work for News International two months after leaving the Metropolitan Police,  responsible for the safety of our realm and counter-terrorism. he did not say… “You slaaaag..” but he certainly gave a good impression of his suitability to appear in a re-make of The Sweeney… 

His response to being asked if he had taken bribes from News International is a classic. 

Simon Hoggart summed it up rather well..

Andy Hayman stars at phone-hacking committee session

The then top copper in charge of the first inquiry must be given his own sitcom

Coming up tomorrow…

#WithoutPrejudice podcast tomorrow night with @John_Cooper_QC @cashjoanne @davidallengreen @carlgardner #NoTW – The Leveson Inquiry et al… and the possible criminal law implications for hackers, corrupt police and liability, if any, under s. 79 RIPA et al for News International and employees.

I also hope to do a Without Prejudice special with a US lawyer and professor to discuss the legal implications in the US for News Corporation  – if any.

On Friday – I will be doing a Without Prejudice special with a well known MP to get a parliamentarian view on the extraordinary events of this week.

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