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Inner Temple Library plan poll

On Monday I wrote about a plan to partition the Inner Temple Library to allow education, training and other events to take place after 5.00 pm.

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If you are a regular user of the Inner Temple library – Jack Beatson, Master of the Library, Inner Temple is most keen to hear from you – and you may read the various reports on the proposal from this Inner Temple page.

(Inn members  have until 23rd September 2011 to put your views directly to Inner Temple)

Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea?  It would be interesting to get a ‘view’ from users of the library and other interested parties.

Inner Temple library proposal

Is the Inner Temple plan to partition library to allow events after 5.00pm a good idea or a bad idea?

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“Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister during WWII) ended almost every phonecall with KBO.
KBO is an acronym for “Keep Buggering On”
Winston Churchill: Let’s have a drink or two some time after this terrible war is over.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: That would be great fun!

Winston Churchill: Right then, KBO.”

I may adopt this KBO thing. 

I have come to the conclusion that while I enjoy commentating / commenting on law –  the discipline of law  is lacking in soul  and the human spirit  compared to art, literature, philosophy and many other disciplines of academe.

Interesting to me though *Law* is… if I had another life –  which I have not quite worked out how to achieve (I may devote the next ten years to solving this ‘problem’) – I would not go into law.  The Legal Services Act 2007, legal aid cuts, a generation of poligeeks who do not care that much for LAW when  it gets in the way of their vision of life,  is about to kick in for your generation… and may gawd have mercy on all our souls?

Well… there we are… how radical is that…?   I suspect that I shall not be as welcome at ‘gatherings’ after this ‘revelation’.  But it may save me the problem of wasting yet more time worrying about how to *Unfollow* people on twitter…

Fear not… I am still watching the ‘goings on’ of lawyers and politicians…  and…. assuming I live for my three score and ten…(I continue to defy medical science as best I can)  I shall be nipping orf to find some Chateau Thames Embankment (A ‘homage’ to Sir John Mortimer QC ) to sustain my belief in what is left in our sceptred isle of the ‘Rule of Law’ in these Tory led Coalition days – and, depressingly, days of  polbloggers ‘amusing’ themselves by setting up campaigns to bring back the Death Penalty.

Well… it is August… and the silly season… and I have had a minor attack, this day, of recurrent Malaria after getting bitten in Africa in my yoof….

My thoughts on ‘legal blogging’ are in the post below I shall not be writing about this topic again – nor attending any symposia, colloquia or ‘gatherings’  on the subject in future … simply because I fear that navel gazing on law blogging  is not, ultimately, a terribly useful way to spend the limited time we are allowed on earth by the dictats and science  of DNA and the  bacteria of death. Happy to drink with law bloggers and others… [Bien Sur / Natch]  – on the proviso (See Butler v Ex-Cello et al – Terms of The Contract) we talk of other things!

I am… of course… writing for pleasure..and the silly season… or am I?

Whatever the answer… I shall KBO….

I do hope that you will KBO as well…

Have a good week….

Best, as always


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