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Druid leader King Arthur loses legal fight over Stonehenge remains

The Guardian reports: High court refuses judicial review of decision to remove 5,000-year-old ‘royal’ remains from Stonehenge for analysis

I had the pleasure, some years ago, of drinking with King Arthur.  There aren’t too  many lawyers or law bloggers who can claim that.  I also read his excellent book.  He has led an extraordinary life as a peaceful activist – and I very much enjoyed our various evenings together.  He drank cider.  I drank, as always, Rioja.

A trip back to 1974 – harmless banter or offensive prejudice?

Legal Bizzle writes in Legal Week – about a meeting with two senior lawyers and his discomfort at their mild racism and midget jokes. It is a good piece and worth a read.

Women in the Law…equality?

I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Felicity Gerry last week on Women in The Law

Felicity Gerry tweeted me yesterday:

@Charonqc my concern that women crim barristers have 2 fight 4 big work borne out by equality assessment on CPS website. 72.2% of fees to men!..and in a follow up tweet referring me to a CPS document on the Advocate Panels application scheme:  Click on equality impact assessment. F.
You may also be interested in a podcast I did with Nichola Higgins, Chair of The Young Barristers Committee on the issue of the Advocate Panels Scheme. I am doing a second podcast with Nichola Higgins on this and other issue facing young barristers in early September. It would seem that some are more equal than others… still.
College of Law becomes first private sector body in UK to have degree awarding powers renewed…
In 2006 The College of Law became the first private-sector education institution in England and Wales to be granted degree awarding powers. It has now become the first private provider to have those powers renewed following a successful audit visit by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

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Back later in the day.. when I recover from the natural  nitrous oxide provided by our ‘political masters’…

Libya: Saif al-Islam and Mohammed Gaddafi, the dictator’s sons, escape capture

Telegraph: Saif al-Islam, Colonel Gaddafi’s heir apparent, emerged defiant at his father’s Tripoli compound hours after reports of his arrest by rebel forces.

As the old saying goes.. you could not make it up.  And… what was a prosecutor at the ICC doing CONFIRMING reports of Saif al-Islam’s arrest?

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