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I had hoped that today would mark a return to more serious matters.  It would appear, despite the global economageddon, that much of Britain appears to holiday on.  I have never had so many *Out of Office* email promises to ignore my emails when the recipient finally gets backs to work at some point this week.

So…. it was pleasing to hear, on Twitter,  of the #MouseGate (A mouse sighted near / or in the restaurant)  at Hallyrude… the seat of all things political for  Scots in their ‘Pairlament’  (see Postcard 2 below). Apparently one such ‘beastie’ was sighted.  I have no evidence whatsoever  to support this grave calumny, indiscretion and solecism on the part of the aforementioned mouse – save for a tweet which has long since disappeared into the diaspora of twitter irrelevance.

Meanwhile, it occurred to me that those who wish to find Col Gaddafi may do well to pop down to The Strand in London and see if he is hiding at The London School of Economics.  It must… surely.. be worth looking… on the basis of  past LSE *Form*  with ‘Brother Leader’?

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