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PM Camcorderdirect comes up with ‘Big Society’..and Miliband Minor… rapidly losing points in the polls… comes up with ‘Fast Buck Society’  and says his speech will be about a ‘Bargain’…

I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of listening to his speech… and  shall lose absolutely no time in doing so.  This is the opening paragraph of a supposedly ‘leftie leaning BBC’ report on Ed’s speech….  I suspect that I am not alone in wondering what a “quiet crisis” is…

Ed Miliband will later declare war on “predatory, asset-stripping” companies and anti-social tenants, in a speech to Labour’s annual conference.

The Labour leader will set out his vision of a country where responsible “grafters” are rewarded.

And he will call for an end to the “fast buck” culture he claims has created a “quiet crisis” in the UK.

Meanwhile…. the Courts appear to be making it up according to this Guardian report into the riot sentencing orgy of recent weeks.

Courts mistreating cases as riot-related, says defence lawyer

Fiona Bawdon asks: “Is a Tottenham solicitor alone in having clients charged as part of riots, despite them having no connection other than being in the same borough?”

But.. it is not all doom and gloom…. especially for City lawyers…

Why the world sees London as the leading light in legal services

Neil Rose in The Guardian: Kenneth Clarke is right, the City is as much a legal centre as a financial one – but there are still jurisdictions to conquer…..Kenneth Clarke last week said that he is “almost as much of an enthusiast for English law as I am for English cricket” and described the rule of law as “one of our greatest exports.

Does Miliband Minor have City lawyers in his mind when talking about ‘Fast Duck Society’?

Jim Diamond, writing in  Legal Week has an article well worth reading…

How law lost its soul – the epidemic of over-charging clients by City law firms

Costs lawyer Jim Diamond (pictured) argues major law firms have over-charged their clients by £5bn in the last five years

Over-charging by major City law firms could be as high as £5bn over the last five years. I estimate that the flawed system that lawyers continue to use to produce bills has led to charges that are, on average, 5%-10% higher than they should have been across the board. And I believe that when the fundamentally flawed system finally unravels, it will make the MPs expenses scandal look like children taken a few loose sweets from a corner shop.

Read more…

Ah well… we may all be ‘ducked’…. especially if this ‘Fast Duck’ merchant gets his way….

Trader on the BBC says Eurozone Market will crash

Watch and marvel at the attitude to society of some who live within our shores…


UPDATE… it appears that the BBC was hoaxed!

Alessio Rastani: Is BBC Market Trader Really Yes Men Founder Andy Bichlbaum?

Huffington Post report  | BBC report


And… the reveal…as an occasional satirist… I have to *Applaud*…


BBC financial expert Alessio Rastani: ‘I’m an attention seeker not a trader’

You have to laugh… he fooled the world!

He’s become the face of the global debt crisis and an internet sensation. The self-styled City trader who stripped away the jargon and bluster of the financial world and summed up our woes in just three minutes. “I go to bed every night dreaming of another recession,” Alessio Rastani explained in a BBC interview. “It’s an opportunity.”

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