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After 30+ years in legal education – and, to be honest, a bit bored with living in London – I have come up with a mildly surreal idea of touring Britain for 3-6 months doing podcasts with lawyers and non-lawyers as I go –  with a detailed commentary on law, life and other matters as I find them…

IN A VAN… in fact… thanks to @Robert_HM on twitter…. I have a strapline.. “Van Rouge Tour”.

I lost interest in the luxuries of life over ten years ago and having spent a lot of time in my early life living under canvas in Africa…. and sometimes… no canvas…. the idea of a spartan 3-6 months in a camper van appeals to me.  It would also be a real pleasure to get out and talk to lawyers and non-lawyers all over the country to see what they think about our legal system.

A mix of podcasts, blog posts, tweets, photos, and even the odd video – with me behind the camera?  Good idea / Bad idea?

Logistics are an issue but I rather like the idea of doing a podcast from Van Rouge on Christmas day from some remote part of our country. Do let me know what you think – positive or negative by commenting on this post.

(Without Prejudice podcasts would not be affected as I would be able to do them over Skype conference and even nip back in the van to do them in person for the fortnightly Thursday slot!)

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