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I’m with Ken Clarke on the ludicrous statement of The Home Secretary the other day on the #HumanCatRights issue. 

Theresa May got the law wrong on the cat example she used at the Tory Conference – as this statement from Wesley Gryk LLP, the lawyers involved in the case, makes clear.

While Ken Clarke  described Theresa May’s comments on the Human Rights Act as ‘laughable and childlike’ – I suspect that many others would have been less complimentary. Law and Order is a serious matter and we don’t really need a Home Secretary who gets her law wrong, nor do we need a Home Secretary to think she is a panellist on Mock the Week or Have I Got News For YouFortunately, the Judiciary put the record right.

I do hope that PM Camcorderdirect is not daft enough to re-shuffle Ken Clarke away from The Ministry of Justice.  I have no problem with Mr Djanogly, Justice Minister,  being re-shuffled to be our Ambassador in Mongolia after his lamentable performance at the MoJ and his recent ‘unfortunate’ failure to disclose business interests.

For a sensible analysis of the issue – pop over to Adam Wagner on the UK Human Rights blog.  He gets it right….as one would expect.


I just have to update this post with this bit of twitter genius…

RT+10 Love it @x_v_o [name withheld] @Charonqc I saw this lady outside my house this morning… any idea who she is? http://twitpic.com/6v7vby

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