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I am not a fan of ludicrous lists of top tweeters, top bloggers blah blah blah. Invariably (Inevitably – for no-one can know all the tweeters or bloggers?) they are inaccurate or, if subjective, based on whim.  The Lawyer published a list of ‘Top Legal Tweeters’ written by fellow blogger David Allen Green last week.  It was inaccurate and, rightly, Brian Inkster has taken David Allen Green to task – not simply for failing to note that Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom but also for getting his facts wrong on the top legal tweeters in England as well.

Brian Inkster of The Time Blawg puts the fact into fact and then puts the boots in… both of them!

The Lawyer excludes Scotland and top Twegals from UK Legal Twitter list! #Twitteratigate2

Scotland no more

No Scots Law Twegals (legals who tweet) amongst those unless we include @Charonqc who whilst now living in London hails originally from the north side of Hadrian’s Wall

Once bitten, twice shy – Not The Lawyer!

The Lawyer has, in the past, published law firm Twitter lists produced by PR agencies/marketers that were less than credible. I have already looked at these on The Time Blawg in ‘Law Firm Twitteratigate – The Whole Story’ #Twitteratigate and ‘UK Law Firms with Klout – A Clearer Picture’ #Kloutgate. In the latter of those two posts I commented that “one would have thought that The Lawyer would have learned a lesson from Law Firm Twitteratigate”. Clearly not, as they are now actually creating such stories themselves! #Twitteratigate2

Will we someday actually see a well researched, comprehensive and objective look at the state of legal tweeting in the UK?

For my part – I do hope no-one has the time to waste on  research on tweeting…. I prefer to tweet.  I cannot imagine that David Allen Green intended to exclude anyone – but there is more to twitter than meets anyone’s eye….Perhaps best to stick with ‘evidence based factual analysis’ ?

I do agree, however, with Brian Inkster’s response to my tweet pouring friendly scorn on these meedja lists:  He tweeted that it is important for legal newspapers not to mislead.  Indeed.  For the avoidance of doubt – I do not blame anyone for this… twitter is just a social meedja tool and supposed to be fun… and David’s article was done in that context.. as, I am sure, is Brian’s!

We must not take twitter or ourselves on twitter too seriously… that would be an error!

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