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Update to the “Van Rouge” UK Tour.

Just a quick post to update on my plan to tour the UK in a ‘van’ and talk law.

Concept:  To tour the UK and Northern Ireland in a van – well, an old landrover or other off road vehicle  and live in a tent –  and talk to lawyers and non-lawyers, including politicians, about our legal system.  I will also visit a number of law schools en route and talk to the academics and the students.

I plan to do detailed audio podcasts with the lawyers and short televised  vox pops with non-lawyers to hear their views. I also plan to write regular bulletins each week to  provide structure and context for the podcasts and consider a number of legal themes.  I will, also, write from ‘left field’ about my experiences on the road – the countryside, the caffs, and anything else which takes my fancy at the time.  Photographs, film clips and maybe even the odd water colour or acrylics painting will provide a bit of graphical interest.

Planning continues – but it is beginning to develop into a ‘Legal Domesday Book’!

Timing:  January – October 2012

To do this properly, I estimate that it will take at least nine months, possibly more, if I am to cover the country from Land’s End to John O’Groats and nip over to Ireland.

Why a ‘van’?:  This one is easy to answer.  I’ve spent far too many nights in hotels in my younger life and I thought by adding an element of ‘Road Trip’ it would be more amusing to live in a tent. I am becoming an expert in winter camping and campsites.  To train for this, I may pitch a tent in my spare bedroom, turn the heating off and open the windows wide!

Sponsorship:  While I can afford through work I can do on the road to cover many of the costs, I won’t be able to do other work in London or other points close, so I am approaching sponsors.  Thus far, I have been delighted by the response of some ‘serious players’ in the legal world (and corporates) who want to be involved. Obviously, a fairly ambitious plan of this nature can only become a reality if I can cover all the costs.

Interested in taking part as a podcastee?:  If you are interested in taking part by being interviewed for a podcast – please let me know. Please contact me by email AND mark your email Van Rouge Tour in the subject line to ensure I keep track of all emails.




I am delighted to report that @BrianInkster of Scots law firm Inksters has offered by way of sponsorship  to ship me from Aberdeen to The Shetland Islands  (and back!)  – a kind offer which I have ‘jumped at!’.  Brian tells me that there are many interesting people to interview – including a man from Bromley who has set up an independent Crown dependency on Forvik!

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