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Is law blogging an art?  No, I don’t think so. Most of the law bloggers I read – seem to blog for pleasure and they do it well… with many varied styles.

Even if I had a dog… I would not take it to Crufts.  The pleasure in the dog is the dog. The pleasure in the blog is the blog?  I am not a judge… so I shall not judge.  There will be no ‘doyening’… there will be no ranking… no metrics…there will be no critique from me… nor faint or other praise – just interesting blog posts I have found each week.  You  will decide if you think a blog is worth looking at.  I shall just do my best to hunt down some interesting law  blogs each week and there is NO need to send me a blog post for inclusion.

I shall resist to my last breath – I am still winning the daily tennis match with The Grim Reaper thus far – any attempt to categorise, classify or even metrically assess  law blogging.

Be you ever so high…. law blogging is above you… as a famous judge once did not say… I shall do this every Thursday and see how it goes…


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