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O Come All Ye Lawyers
Joyful and litigious
O come ye, O come ye to Chancery Lane
Come and behold Him,
Born the Best of Clients;
O come, let us bill Him,
O come, let us bill Him,
O come, let us bill Him,
Profits are the Lord.

And on that note… a Christmas box of blogging and other delights before I lose the plot and comment on some law…

First up – a wonderful Christmas Contract from The Bizzle.  A work of great precision… well worth a read!

And to get us all into the correct mindset for the Christmas festivities to come – this analysis from Gerard McDermott QC : A perfect storm brews at the bar

McDermott begins his rather gloomy Christmas story with this introduction…

I am writing this on a Sunday morning in my flat in The Temple. The Temple is a great place at weekend – quiet and serene, a lovely place to be. But the bar is far from quiet and serene. Many are fearful of whether they have a secure future and whether they will be able to afford to live, particularly if they work in areas such as Crime or those in the area of Family Law which are publicly funded.

….and ends with: “Both for ourselves and for the barristers of the future it’s up to us all to do all that we can to make sure the  future is weatherproofed”

And this initiative from Eversheds is, undoubtedly, a sign of things to come in these deficit cutting austere days: Eversheds to offer condensed LPC and training contract. The Lawyer reports: “For the unique scheme to run the SRA has had to waive two key policies for the first time. It will allow ­Eversheds to run a training contract in conjunction with part-time study over two years instead of the normal three and will also let trainees undertake the Professional Skills Course before full completion of the LPC.”

It will be interesting to see (a) how this impacts on the profits of the law schools and the firm and (b) the quality of legal education and training provided.  If it does the business, as far as the law firm is concerned – assuming that the firm will impose their usual quality standards – this could well be a part of the future of legal education. Will other big law firms follow suit? It makes sense to combine study with practice.  The accountancy firms have been doing this for years.

I rather liked this pic put up on twitter by a fellow tweeter.  I regret, now, I cannot remember which tweeter. Mea culpa. A christmas present for the toper on the go.

I suspect that many are Europed out after the extensive coverage in recent days following prime minister Camcorderdirect’s fateful trip to park us on ‘the hard shoulder’ of the European motorway last Friday.  But this analysis from Obiter J is well worth a read. Europe: a interesting question.

I Crown Office Row in their UK Human Rights blog considers: Strasbourg’s ruling on hearsay evidence could change its relationship with UK – Joshua Rozenberg

And finally.. for the first of these Christmas Law boxes – a good friend of mine told me on twitter that she thought of me when she saw this wonderful Peter Cook film.  I take it as a compliment.  Watch the short film

AND.. for a good review of blogs by David Allen Green in The Lawyer here it is…

And… if you would like to win a signed copy of Babybarista’s two novels… get cracking on his competition. I have read both – most enjoyable!


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