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I had to uncork the hip flask after discovering the new BPP ‘Lion’ logo this afternoon.  I was running BPP Law School when BPP Holdings PLC Chairman Richard Price revealed the last logo.  I thought the last logo was a bit dull – but this new one is, to my eye, simply astonishing… as is the reputed £300,000 price tag.

I shall spend the afternoon on clipart sites, knock a few logos together…and see if I can flawg them orf to The College of Law and other providers.  I suspect I shall be given the ‘V’ if I do ring the other providers.

RollonFriday.com – as ever – are on the case, with an amusing ‘assessment’.

The students at BPP have given their verdict on BPP Law School’s Facebook page…

I particularly liked this comment…

“Emily Gardner What a waste of £300,000. It’s almost as bad as the new tagline “Where legal eagles come to hatch”.”

I have no idea what the marketing department is smoking…. but if they would be kind enough to let me know where I can get some… be sure, I shall do so.

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